MeriStation: Persona 3 Fes Review

Persona 3 FES is a revised edition of the original that came to market last February, with a new chapter that concludes the story and new missions secondary, as in other words translates into 30 new hours of play with which they return to enjoy of the strange events that take place in the institute Gekkoukan.

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Dream Machine5212d ago

This is my first Persona game and I'm loving it. I'm stuck on the 59th floor boss though!

Homicide5212d ago

This game is amazing. One of the best JRPGs on the PS2. Can't wait for P4.

robotnik5210d ago

Listen, if you want this game cheap, its being sold for 25,50€ in

dont buy it from game Spain, its 40€ and it's not in Spanish.

Save yourself some money and boycott