Persona 3, 4, and 5 Is Coming To PS5 In Addition To Steam

Atlus has confirmed in a press release that Persona 3, 4, and 5 are indeed heading to the PS5 in addition to Xbox and PC.

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Nyxus174d ago (Edited 174d ago )

I hope there will also be a physical version, kind of doubt it though.

Surprising they are skipping the Switch btw (for now at least).

notachance174d ago

I feel like they’re still working things out with Nintendo because of SMT series exclusivity on that platform, because if Persona ever comes out on Switch the other platforms will be asking for SMT ports too.

Nyxus174d ago

Yeah just port everything to all platforms at this point.

Neonridr174d ago

I mean the Switch does have some Persona titles. Just not the core entries.


Hoping for a physical Series X edition as well!

autobotdan174d ago

Maybe Limited Run games will make limited time physical discs for xbox persona games. Since LR just recently just started including xbox limited physical orders

Nyxus174d ago

Yeah but from what I understand Sega isn't really willing to let them publish their games. They tried releasing a physical version of Yakuza 5 but they couldn't get it. Eventually Sega released it themselves as part of the Remastered Collection.

Sirk7x173d ago

It's possible it's coming to Switch as well, and Nintendo wants to announce it themselves during a Direct, but who knows.

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DrDoomer174d ago (Edited 174d ago )

Sucks that they just went with a straight port of Portable. Would have been perfect if it was FES with the added content from P3P and proper 3D free roaming. Would've been the definitive version I always wanted.

CrimsonWing69173d ago

Yea I scratched my head when I saw P3P instead of FES…

Lexreborn2174d ago

Who didn’t see this happening though? Sega can make money off of old games at retail price. That’s a easy yes

RPGer174d ago

The content and quality of Yakuza and Persona franchises deserve $59.99/49.99 tag price. I just hope they will dodge that absurd $69.99.

Silly gameAr174d ago

Yeah, because 10 more bucks is highway freaking robbery. Do they think gamers are trillionaires? We deserve our games to be 10 dollars cheaper, because that's what we demand!

CBaoth173d ago

sounds like you should be buying a series S n a GP sub. Join the welfare club if a tenner guts you

Shadowsteal173d ago

"Absurd $69.99"

Games have been $59.99 since 2005. That's 17 years!

It costs $70 to go to and from work for many people due to gas prices but God forbid you spend the same on a video game lol.

CrimsonWing69173d ago

From my understanding all next-gen games will now be $70 because, well because the game industry is greedy.

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TheGreatGazoo30173d ago

These and all the Yakuza games are in GamePass, just play them there instead of paying retail.

GoodGuy09174d ago

Niiice. Bout time it got announced....I feel bad for switch owners though lol. Would be a huge seller there which is really confusing.

PhoenixUp174d ago

Why not ps4 a s well fo rd p3 and p4

MrNinosan174d ago

And N64 while at it.
It's 2022, time to move on now.

Sirk7x173d ago

Would be nice, is PS5s were readily available. I'd probably buy one right now if I could find any in stock, despite not really needing it at the moment xD

PhoenixUp173d ago

@ Mr

What a ridiculous response

These titles are still coming to Xbox One as well, so it's even more absurd for them not to be on PS4. Especially since a large swath of titles are still arriving on the very relevant PS4

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