Troy Baker Teases Death Stranding Potential Release Date

A curious tweet of the actor and voice actor Troy Baker seems to suggest the possible launch of Death Stranding for 2019.

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notachance973d ago

I'm excited but I still don't know wtf is the game about

MoshA973d ago

Which is a good thing. I want to go in blind. Some people think it's a walking simulator. Their loss.

NarutoFox973d ago

I can't even imagine Kojima making a walking simulator

sampsonon973d ago

they were just showing environments when they showed that game play. people have small minds if they didn't realize it was a test video.

ghostliving973d ago

I agree, i want to go in blind too. Today game trailers are full of little spoilers... And Death Stranding is not going to be a walking simulator, Kojima-san said its an open world story driven shooter even has a new kind online system.

Potnoodle999973d ago

I know right... a walking simulator!? 😂😂 not a single fibre of my body is even remotely worried that this game will be anything short of a masterpiece. Kojima unleashed from konamis chains? Jesus Christ how can people not have faith.

Maybe these are those who just have hatred for kojimas games anyway. Eg the people who call mgs4 shit and nothing more than an interactive movie. Those people seriously triggered me when I was a teenager haha

REDGUM973d ago (Edited 973d ago )

Maybe it is MoshA!
Do you have proof otherwise?

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Razzer973d ago

It is about what happens to the world when men start having babies., I have no clue either.

CorndogBurglar973d ago

Haha. We already saw what happens when men start having babies. Its a little movie called Junior. Starring Arnold Schwartzenegger as a pregnant man.

UltraNova973d ago (Edited 973d ago )

The SJWs will have a field day if this is true Razzer haha

ps5fanboy973d ago

bang some lsd down , it will all make sense ,in two to three hours.

LegoIsAwesome973d ago

Is Death Stranding confirmed to be sa Full-fledged PS4 exclusive or timed?

pietro1212973d ago

Full fledged exclusive, It's being published by Sony, and being developed on a proprietary engine from one of Sony's 1st party developers.

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Bronxs15973d ago

death stranding is the game ps fan have long professed about. it was foretold by the prophets long ago than on the 4th of playstations a game would come that would have a 102 score on metacritic and be the exclusive game that would end the console wars.

Vithar973d ago

its a kojima game, NO ONE knows what's it about LOL

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Fishy Fingers973d ago

Bit of a stretch. More likely a play on the currently popular 2009 vs 2019 memes.

Might as well say it’s teasing Final Fantasy characters in DS.

chris235973d ago

i get the hype, but it‘s kojima-weirdness. usually not my cup of tea. hope the gameplay will be engaging and not a narrated movie in gameform.

CorndogBurglar973d ago (Edited 973d ago )

Holy cow! Something isn't Chris235's cup of tea! Well imagine that. This coming from the gamer who hates all games.

xX-oldboy-Xx973d ago

chris235 - cool story mate, you get to tell us in every Death Stranding article prior and after release.

I'd like a 2019 release date, but I'm more than happy to wait until 2020.

Marioraider18973d ago

Is dude bro Call of Duty more to your style?

HeisenbergX973d ago

Something is coming very soon from this game mark my words.

Stanjara973d ago

Love the weirdness! Take your time Kojima-san!

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