The best controller for PC gaming

Need a break from keyboard and mouse? These are the best controllers for PC gaming in 2019.

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NarutoFox648d ago (Edited 647d ago )

I use the Xbox elite controller for my PC at the moment. Don't really have a favorite though.

MoshA647d ago

That's awful. Does it even have bluetooth?

warriorcase647d ago

Is there suppose to be an /s there?

Razzer647d ago

It is not awful. It is an awesome controller, albeit expensive. No, it does not have bluetooth. You have to buy a USB adapter.

porkChop647d ago

Personally I use an Xbox One controller for my PC. It's very comfy, and you get the rumble triggers in MS games like Forza.

The DS4 is also really great and comfy. Haven't had any issues with it so far.

I would love to use my Switch Pro Controller on PC, as I find it the most comfy, but the lack of analog triggers is an issue for many games.

Razzer647d ago (Edited 647d ago )

I prefer Xbox One controllers on PC. Primarily most games reference the Xbox letters versus the PS symbols. Also, I like the thumbsticks of the Xbox One controller. But I do not care for the later Xbox One controllers that include bluetooth. They feel cheap and don't have that nice rubberized backing that the originals had.

beulahland647d ago

Xbox controllers.
Case closed.

bluefox755647d ago

I grew up on Playstation consoles, never truly got used to the offset thumbs ticks of Xbox. So no, it's not closed.

crazyCoconuts647d ago

And with Steam you can enable the DS4 gyro for fine tuning aim which is an advantage over just thumbsticks. Xbox controller don't have gyros.

647d ago
bluefox755647d ago

I prefer the DS4, but pc compatibility isn't the greatest, so I use a 360 controller.

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The story is too old to be commented.