The Xbox Elite Series 2 is the best controller around and is cheaper than ever.

With a $40 saving you can still pick up the Xbox Wireless Adapter with it and it'll still cost less than full price.

FlavorLav01938d ago

My right bumper broker on my Xbox elite controller after only a year. Also, dualsense controller says hello.

porkChop938d ago

They're talking from a PC gaming perspective.

Rhythmattic938d ago (Edited 938d ago )

You mean MS Perspective? Doesn't Dulasense work say with Steam "PC' Games? Albeit , not every game supports its features, like the features this doesn't have either?

porkChop938d ago (Edited 938d ago )

No, not from MS' perspective. The Dualsense's unique features only work with 6 games on PC. One of those doesn't support the haptics. Even then, the controller only works with a beta driver from Steam. You can't configure the controller unless you're in Big Picture mode. It doesn't have proper support on PC because Sony doesn't offer any drivers.

It's not a bad controller at all. But on PC it's just a standard controller for 99.99% of games. But unlike other controllers it's just far too limited on PC for it to really be the "best" PC controller. I'm not saying the Elite is, either. But at least with the Elite you just connect it and it works. No fiddling with anything, just play the game.

Teflon02938d ago

Pork, you know the only reason Sony controls don't have better support is because MS doesn't want it to. PS4 controls had drivers from the jump, but MS wants to block DS use on MS titles even if they natively support it like cuphead and PSO2 which when using the steam version and turning off the steam control features and letting it run raw it picks up and runs proper.

That's pretty garbage. But even so over time more PC games will have the features.

porkChop938d ago

Windows is an open platform. Sony can release proper XInput drivers any time they want. They choose not to. That has nothing to do with MS.

iplay1up2937d ago

Also, competitive gaming. Dualsense is to make games more Immersive which is awesome, The elite is more for competitive gaming.

Rhythmattic937d ago (Edited 937d ago )

" doesn't have proper support on PC because Sony doesn't offer any drivers. "
Just like MS Games don't properly support Linux? MS could do games without DX, you know, this open standards and platforms you speak of, but I guess, what you say is true....
Its all about taking the PC tag.

porkChop937d ago

Linux and driver support aren't the same thing. And I said open platform, not open standard. Again, not the same thing. But sure, go off on how MS supporting an OS like 1% of gamers use is the same as a simple driver.

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Jin_Sakai938d ago

My DualSense had stick drift. I’d say no controller is without issues.

ColtPSSX938d ago

I don’t understand how you guys play games. I have never had a stick drift ever. PS2, Xbox, PS3, 360, PS4, xone, PS5, Xbox series, switch, wii.
Not once, and I go hard when I play also.

Jin_Sakai938d ago

“I don’t understand how you guys play games. I have never had a stick drift ever.“

Honestly the DualSense is the first controller I’ve ever had stick drift on. I’ve even had multiple Switch consoles with no drift.

FlavorLav01938d ago

True, but also Dual sense isn’t an “elite” controller sold at near $200 either

ColtPSSX938d ago

I have 2 dual sense and still pretty good. Must be bad luck.

Orbilator938d ago (Edited 938d ago )

Same here stick drift is a mystery to me.

Elite series 2 is a great co troller but it's a lot of cash, can't believe there isn't better joypads on PC that are better than the elite?. So many to chose I'm sure it's just preference over features

AuraAbjure938d ago

@ Colt, I left my contorller upside down with a jacket on top for a couple days. Hello stick drift.

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938d ago

Sorry but the Dualsense is nothing compared to the elite controller 2. My Dualsense dies every single day after a few hours of play.

iplay1up2937d ago

Dualsense isn't going to give you a competitive edge. The Elite is designed for competitive gaming, and not immersion.

SyntheticForm937d ago

Two of my DualSense controllers have drifted and I've already bought a third.

Not shitting on the DualSense - I love it - but I'm kinda chaffed over the high potential for this controller to become drift-afflicted so quickly.

343_Guilty_Spark936d ago

Dual sense is a great casual controller and adds a layer of immersion not seen in other controllers... . But for shooters and more competitive games tried and true is a little better.

FlavorLav01936d ago

Still subjective I think given the price comparison

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porkChop938d ago

That's still about $175-$180 CAD. I'm sure it's a really great controller but I can't justify spending that much on it.

Jin_Sakai938d ago (Edited 938d ago )

Agreed. I just couldn’t justify spending that much on a controller no matter how great it is.

ABizzel1938d ago

They're $120 at a local store here, and 25% off that price making them $90 for the holiday here.

porkChop938d ago

That's actually not a bad price.

alb1899938d ago (Edited 938d ago )

I bought one and is worth it men. It is so customizeble. And you can evecharge it inside the box plus the battery last like forever. And how it feels....I mean, if play videogames is your thing you gave to invest in a good control and a nice monitor or tv....and headphones.

porkChop938d ago

I believe it's great. But in Canada it retails for over $200. Even with a decent sale it's just too much money for me. It costs more than most high end mechanical keyboards, and I don't even buy those because of how expensive they are. I only have one of those keyboards because my brother switched to a different one and let me use it.