What Made Skyrim So Great And What Do We Want To See In The Elder Scrolls 6?

It's been 7 years since Skyrim was released, but is it still fun to play? We revisit the best bits and look at what we'd like to see in TES 6.

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Apocalypse Shadow35d ago

For it to be another VR option.

AK9134d ago

What made Skyrim great is what made every other ES game great, user created mods.

sinspirit34d ago

What made it "great" was that it was more easily accessible to any gamer and lost the more in depth and creative quests as well as ditching quality dungeons for a streamlined version with less intriguing exploration. It was easier for anyone to get into it. But, it became less of an RPG and more of an action game. It's a good game, sure. But, I don't think it's nostalgia to say that the previous games were better and much more memorable.

chris23534d ago

to be honest when skyrim was released i got major worries about this company. the lack of effort they put into their engine left already a bad taste in my mouth. but somehow people completely ate it up. skyrim vr? horrible, horrible experience.

r3f1cul34d ago

i want to see things that bethesda just isnt capable of or willing to do any more as a developer :/ its been all downhill including and since skyrim with the ever increasing streamlining and loss of soul IMHO

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