Top 10 Best Selling PS4 Games of 2018

The results are in, and with titles ranging from sequels to fresh-faced IPs, these were the top 10 best selling PS4 games of 2018. We look back at some of the major sales mile stones of each title, as well as the estimates for just how many units each game managed to sell on Sony's current gen console.

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Razzer36d ago

Not "best selling". Most "downloads". Article actually says this so why the inaccurate title?

PlayStation Store: The Top Downloads of 2018

roadkillers34d ago

The article title is the same, its mentioned below

roadkillers34d ago

Damn, your list is better. Less clicking. Look at the PS Classics, dominated by Rockstar. With Bully being the second best downloaded title... who is ready for Bully 2?? It's coming. Hoping on a Warriors remake, that game was gold.

Critic4l_Strik334d ago

Dont bother, its another 10 page slideshow by twinfinite.

elazz34d ago

Title is inaccurate. These are only about the most downloads. Although these games will be in a top 10 but if you count physical copies numbering might be different.

starchild34d ago

Lots of multiplats in that list.

HentaiElmo34d ago

@ starchild
Is there anything wrong with that no one play only exclusive otherwise Xbox players would only play ??????? Remind me again what’s exclusive bob Xbox that isn’t on pc

Imalwaysright33d ago

Who said anything about there being something wrong with this? Are you replying to the op or to your conscience?

starchild33d ago

I never said there was. I think any normal gamer will naturally tend to play mostly multiplats because they constitute the bulk of games released each year.

I merely pointed it out because multiplats consistently get downplayed by a certain group here. I've also had fanboys from this camp tell me they mostly play exclusives. Then we have the constant claims that "oh I'll just play that Microsoft exclusive on my PC". They make it sound like they all have gaming PCs even though they act like Sony fanboys the other 99% of the time. Obviously these things aren't true of PS4 owners in general because we see that multiplats sell as well on the PS4 as they do on any other platform.

SuperSonic9132d ago

PlayStation started as a 3rd party games platform opposite of Nintendo and Sega platforms. They will always champion 3rd party partners- their bread and butter.

1st party games are second priority to Sony unlike Nintendo and MS.

Kiwi6634d ago

Why can't they just put them on one page

ZeekQuattro33d ago

Because clicks earn them $$$. One page results in less revenue.