7 Games That Need DLC

While it seems like a given that games get add-ons, not every one does! These seven should absolutely have gotten DLC, so a good thing could have been even greater.

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eagle2136d ago

I agree but I rather have Super Mario Maker 2 at this point.

jaymacx36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

It was a great package on Wii U and 3ds. I’d rather have a sequel as well

FlameWater36d ago

1.Detroit: Become Human
2.The Evil Within 2
3.Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Eevee!
4.Super Mario Maker
5.Super Mario Odyssey
6.God of War
7.Grand Theft Auto V

blawren436d ago

Do you think sites post on N4G for the N4G comments or to NOT be viewed. They expect you to click the article. You aren't helping anyone.

Abnor_Mal36d ago

Helped me cause I didn't feel like clicking on the article to see which games and relied on comments to fill in the blanks. Also, many articles tend to put one game per page with very little text to fill the page in a effort to generate more clicks per page. So yes, yes indeed he helped someone.
Thank you very much for your help @FlameWater

Disclaimer: The opinion that you've read is solely that of the poster and in now way is N4G in agreement or disagreement with said opinion.

blawren435d ago

my point is that if you want to know what's on the list, then it is only fair to the poster to view all the pages of their site.

A more helpful comment would have been. "This is one of those crappy sites that make you click though multiple pages" That is fair and I would truly appreciate that. I'll add this to my list with twinfinite that I can avoid.

bigmalky36d ago

I'd rather just have a full game at launch, thanks.

blawren436d ago

Super Mario Maker never did get slopes like many were asking. I expect the sequel is coming, and will retain the ability to play existing games in some fashion. I wouldn't say any game NEEDS dlc. GTA V has mad enough money. That being said, the cliched Zombie story, like undead nightmare would have been amazing in GTA Vs world.

Germ_the_Nobody32d ago

No game needs DLC. They could just as easily patch updates and new content in for free.