Final Fantasy VII Remake Dev Describes Challenges Caused by the Game’s Action Makeover

After years of rumors and pleading from fans, Square Enix finally announced Final Fantasy VII Remake at E3 2015, but since then additional information has been somewhat scarce. FF7 Remake producer Yoshinori Kitase insists the project is progressing “smoothly,” but development clearly isn’t moving at a particularly fast pace. Why are things coming along so slowly?

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Nyxus35d ago

I wish they'd just keep it turn-based honestly.

kalkano34d ago

This move lead me to boycott the entire series, and all products related to it, including things like music of the old games. I believe the action reveal was December of 2015...? So, 3 years and counting...

Genkins33d ago

the mechanics we have still yet to see if they were a poor choice. the remake's trailer did suggest that it would be ATB based. i still hope they kept that at least.

bluefox75532d ago

I guess you showed them, lol. I mean, I wanted it turn base too, but just because it's not what I wanted doesn't mean it won't be good. We'll see I guess.

pietro121232d ago

So dang petty.. how about giving it a chance?

nommers32d ago

“Including things like music of the old games”.

You must really hate music

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OmnislashVer3633d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Super glad they moved to ARPG.

You still take turns with characters and Dissidia/KH shows there's just as much strategy in ARPG systems, in some cases, more. Luckily the battle planner for both is on FFVIIR.

pietro121233d ago

But there isn't much strategy in those games though. Sure, the combat is fun and it looks like, but there's no depth to them (especially KH2 even on proud mode)

OmnislashVer3633d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Dissidia/KH have tons of strategy. BBS shows debuffs are just as useful if not more in an ARPG system. KH1 was incredibly balanced. KH2.8 is as well, but KH2 was mostly flash-bang mechanics(honestly tweaking the difficulty would help out immensely. If every mode was one more difficulty higher they'd be just about right.) Dissidia shows how useful Limits are in an ARPG system as well.

KH3 is looking to be the best of all of these games and I expect FFVIIR to be no different.

InKnight7s33d ago

Maybe TB system is great nostlagia service and very geeky and favourable for classic RPG fans. However, sales speak, FFXV sold beyond 8 million, comparing to Persona 5 which easily can be listed as one of best RPG ever created along with FFVI, VII, IX. However, persona 5 reached 3 million (not bad but not equal to 8).

Nyxus33d ago

Well Pokemon is turn based and it's the best selling RPG series there is. Final Fantasy just happens to be a bigger name than Persona.

OmnislashVer3633d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Yeah but is Pokemon the most full-featured?

Even back on Red and Blue we had far superior JRPGs with far more intricate battles. Pokemon won because it had 150 marketable characters, two versions to get collectors fever going, and a tie-in anime for the kids crowd.

It just so happens that none of that works for Final Fantasy and there are huge camps that want ARPG and conversely ATB.

I'm definitely of the camp appreciating the ARPG glow-up personally.

Nyxus33d ago

@ Omnishlash: I was responding to the argument about sales. But anyway, I was just giving my opinion, if other people prefer ARPG that's fine of course.

OmnislashVer3633d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Yes, and I gave you a response directly explaining why they had those sales.

FalconofLucis9833d ago

@inknight FFX was awesome too, one of the Golden Age FFs.

indysurfn33d ago

Sales? Your talking Sales? Even when there was only 60 million systems FFVII sold 20 + million copies. Many other sold in the millions. ARPG's have not sold anywhere near TB rpg's.

OmnislashVer3632d ago (Edited 32d ago )


And ARPGS haven't been built with this many features before, much less back in the PS1-era.

Countless features like having multiple battle styles, magic menus, multiple playable characters, large enough environments for this to work correctly, etc weren't exactly possible back then like they are now- so ARPGs couldn't compete like they can now.

We're at a point where they CAN finally compete from many standpoints, having similar options with special moves, multiple playable characters, large enough environments(FFVII had a dedicated battle screen which was extremely small by comparison, that also ran at 15fps- there's no way they could keep those graphics and have an ARPG-sized battle space at that time- It's just technically impossible.), good enough AI, incorporating all materia, special skills, limits, etc into the system.

So of course ATB won at a time when ARPG couldn't technically compete. It's 2019, we can incorporate most features from ATB into ARPG at this time.

Nothing against you being an ATB fan, but to act like Pokemon or previous ATB games have the merit of sales ONLY because it was tradtional is ridiculous. They were more technically feasible, so of course they won at that time.

Also, FFVII sold 11 million as of 2015, not 20 million.

NapalmSanctuary32d ago

Comparing Final Fantasy to Persona, sales wise, is just daft. The idea that Any new Final Fantasy wouldn't sell millions upon millions, even with a TB or ATB combat system, is the finalest of fantasies, as Jim Sterling put it.

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-Foxtrot33d ago

Lost Odyssey last gen proved you can still have turn based.

Square Enix changing this classic RPG into an action RPG is ridiculous

Hell even the Resident Evil 2 remake coming out by Capcom proved you can still remake and modernise something while still keeping true to the original.

FF15 just wasn't that good with how they did it, it worked for Kingdom Hearts but the switch in FF15 was only good when you turned on wait mode.

OmnislashVer3633d ago (Edited 33d ago )

FFXV isn't entirely comparable to FFVIIR though.

-FFXV didn't have magic menus, an FF staple, and FFVIIR has them. Even Kingdom Hearts has magic menus.
-FFXV was built on the far inferior and still vastly unintuitive/undeveloped Luminous Engine. FFVIIR is built on Unreal Engine 4, so it's better to compare it to Kingdom Hearts III which is feature-filled whereas FFXV was barebones.
-FFXV was rushed. Restarting in 2013 we saw that the story of Stella vs Noctis was still supposed to be in the game. But they replaced Stella with Luna so they would skip all of those battles. In fact, they skipped all of the plot and went directly to the end of the game. Enemies didn't even talk to each other in FFXV- The Emporer never talked to Ardyn, Ardyn to Aranea, Aranea to Stella, or Stella to Ravus. Think about this seriously... this is wildly conspicuous for a Final Fantasy. The fact they were all singular instances and had next to no communication shows they rushed the game directly to the end after restarting it.

So Stella being replaced with Luna was a planned move so people wouldn't expect any of that plot when releasing. Whether Stella was supposed to be a rival, boss fight, or playable character, by replacing her with Luna they were able to skip all of that plot.

FFvXIII was originally supposed to have far more features and magic menus as well, but they didn't make it into the final game. The only culprit at hand for ALREADY having more features and plot planned and shown off, but cutting it has to be the engine it was running on.

So since FFVIIR has switched engines, these are largely non-issues now. We've already seen the progress they've made with a better engine with KHIII, which easily has the most advanced ARPG system in history. FFXV was incredibly barebones by comparison.

SegaSaturn66933d ago

I don't care at all so long as I get a real erection during Don Corneo's mansion. I hope they research a real filthy danish whorehouse to get that part absolutely perfect.

Nyxus33d ago

Persona, Dragon Quest, Pokemon,...

Godmars29033d ago

As far as FF is concerened, turn base is dead. For whatever reason, they've been trying to make gameplay more "dynamic" since FF7 while never looking at or further developing examples like Chrono Trigger or Valkyrie Profile.

Horseygamer32d ago

wouldn't work in today's gaming environment unfortunately, ive played the original on PS1 and love the active time base, need pepping up for modern gaming as long as it doesn't destroy the original mechanics of the game

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pedrami9133d ago

Going the action route can work just as well as turn-based. And with Nomura and the KH battle plannner Takahashi at the helm things are gonna be pretty flashy but good. I believe Nomura will add combat ideas/design originally set for FFVSXIII into FF7RE.

And it's not like the original is gone, it's still there.

rainslacker32d ago

I'll reserve judgement until I see what they did with whatever system they come up with. The brief game play showing so far was way too early in development to really make a decision.

I'm not opposed to ARPG though. I'm fine with turn based, and actually love them, but it's a remake, not a remaster, so I think seeing if they can deliver the same experience in a new way is OK. If it turns out bad, I'll criticize then.

Elda33d ago

Can't wait to play the game!

porkChop33d ago

I would have preferred turn-based tbh, but I'm fine as long as the game is good and there's still some strategy involved. I know it isn't going to be 1:1, but it could still be great.

Blu3_Berry33d ago

Sounds like this won't release for another 5 years. Seriously they announced this way too early.

ninsigma32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

They definitely announced too early, but in case you didn't know, this interview was from a year ago and only just translated now. So a lot may have changed since then.

DJK1NG_Gaming32d ago

They announced way to early?
As if that even matters when they don't even have the first episode out which is said to be Midgar which is the first 5 hours of Disc 1 which can take about 20 hours.
Like no matter when they announced it this game full episodes won't be completed for another 15 years

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