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A portion of the WiiWare World review of Art Style: Rotohex:

"The one constant of the three Art Style games that have seen release on the WiiWare service so far has been their simplicity. There are no fancy visuals, no epic musical tracks, and no complicated play control schemes to tarnish the "less is more" theme of these unique puzzlers. Rotohex is the third release in this highly esteemed series and once again proves to be a game that illustrates perfectly that sometimes the simplest idea can make a great game, even when you strip away all the fancy frills normally associated with a modern title.

Rotohex is basically a slightly upgraded version of the classic Game Boy Advance bit Generation title Dialhex and from the moment you begin playing it you'll see that every bit of the engaging puzzle action of the original is still intact in this WiiWare update.

In Rotohex you are put in charge of a hexagonal playing field in which randomly coloured triangular panels come dropping from the top of the screen and down into the playing field below. While you don't control these panels, you are able to rotate them around using a hex-shaped cursor of sorts. The game allows you to choose two ways of controlling this cursor. You can choose to use the Wii Remote as a pointer to move the cursor around the playing field, or go with a more classic control scheme in which you hold the Wii Remote on its side and move the cursor around using the Wii Remote's D-pad. You then use one action button to rotate the HEX clockwise and the other action button to rotate it counter-clockwise. Both ways work equally well and both offer certain advantages over the other. It's more a matter of personal taste than anything else."

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