11 Kombatants Who Should Not Return For Mortal Kombat 11

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

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Batchild273d ago

Personally I think it would be exciting if they only bring back a dozen or so from games past and add a TON of new fighters.

rpvenom3d ago

I think all fighting games moving forward should follow suit with Smash and include every character ever created for any franchise.. but maybe wishful thinking lol.. they want to make you pay for dlc characters =(

gangsta_red3d ago

Agreed. It sucks when picking up a sequel to a fighting game and a character you might have mained isn't in it anymore

DaDrunkenJester3d ago

It's not like Smash ISN'T including DLC characters, but I get what you're saying. There are more than enough base characters and the DLC ones really do feel optional. Unlike other fighting games where you only get 12 characters and you feel more obliged to buy the DLC to build a small roster.

Batchild273d ago

I would say that for most fighting games but...MK is a fight to the death so.......i dunno. There should be some turnover lol.

porkChop3d ago

Yeah, that would be cool. Keep the main fighters that really need to be there, and then create some new ones to keep things fresh.

NecrumOddBoy3d ago

If they're going to pick an ip-based character, I would really like to see Ash from Army of Darkness in this. I also really want another Evil Dead game LOL

LightofDarkness3d ago

You might have the Street Fighter 3 problem, in that case. People did not warm to SF3 until 3rd Strike, because initially the only returning character was Ryu. They should try and avoid the Namco scenario, though (rarely diverging from the core roster).

Batchild273d ago

Man I just like the idea of brand new universe. Maybe add the classic fighters for arcade play but remove them from the story mode or whatever.

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thatguyhayat3d ago

I would love for the order realm Hotaru to make a return. He was my main in Deception towards Armageddon

patrick13d ago

I cannot find another example of a video game getting rid of it's core fighters due to it's aging universe. Without some of the Characters the author claims should be omitted, would this even feel like a Mortal Kombat game. Is that really a risk developers should realistically be expected to take?

Scissorman823d ago

its not only age. johnny cage, sonya, kano, and jax each have children to carry on their legacy. with roster space being limited, it would make more sense for these four to take a break and allow for other MK favorites to return, like jade or noob saibot.

SickSinceSix3d ago

SoulCalibur V had the same thing, with fighters' children taking their place and a lot of people hated that.

Kocurstvo3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

And the next Tomb Raider should be without Lara.... and the next Sonic should be without Sonic... and the next Witcher should be w.o. Geralt... what a nonsense... Andy Asimakis, I dont care what you think!!!!

Batchild273d ago

I mean...if Tomb raider had 25 characters to chose from then maybe Lara wouldn't need to be in 11 of the games...

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