Tomb Raider reboot trilogy post-mortem

A reader looks back at all three recent Tomb Raider games and discusses what lessons he thinks should be learned for the next game.

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bluefox755681d ago (Edited 681d ago )

The gameplay was pretty good, maybe even very good. The graphics and sound were great. The characters and story though were just sub par, and completely forgettable. I think that's what kept it from living up to the Uncharted series, or even the old Tomb Raider titles.

monkey602681d ago

I agree with the above entirely. I'd even add in that the environments were rather poor. The first game I enjoyed and accepted it for what it was. It was supposed to be about the beginning of Laras adult life and the event that toughened her up. However the following 2 sequels missed the mark when it came to creating an adventure. It should have involved location hopping and different cultures etc.
All supporting characters and villains were dull and forgettable.

I miss the old adventures. I also think the new trilogy ruined what made Lara so iconic

BehindTheRows681d ago

Never mind Uncharted. It just needed to work. The first games was headed in the right direction, but from there, I feel they lost focus. Personally, while I MUCH prefer the old Tomb Raider series, I wouldn't mind them giving another crack at it. They just need to shy away from the 'blockbuster-that-needs-to -rival-Uncharted' and get back to the basics.

NeoGamer232680d ago

I don't know why people compare it to uncharted. An action-adventure can still be worth playing if it is not Uncharted, Last of Us, or Horizon Zero Dawn. They are a all great games.

Tomb Raider Although the story is predictable and generic feeling the gameplay is very good. One of the best bow implementations in a game ever, and the story is secondary to all the exploration and tomb raiding.

No, Tomb Raider is not Uncharted level but it isn't bad by any stretch and deserves sales.

FyBy680d ago

I personally compare it to Uncharted because they are all action adventures Indiana Jones like. Tomb raider is more open world. Uncharted is more story driven. I played Uncharted 4 and Rise of the Tomb raider at the same time. Tomb raider was really good game and it was obvious it tries to be little like uncharted. But that feeling when you discover beautiful scenery or lost artefact in Uncharted 4 wasnt there. Music and scenery was there but not that feeling (for me). It was not also that moving. I dont know. Anyway, these last Tomb raider games are good and deserve next chapter.

Cavalier681d ago

The first one (2013), was the best one for me.

Agent_00_Revan681d ago

Agreed. I really didn't care for the open hub world with 2 & 3.

Cavalier680d ago

true, it seem like the devs tried to have one foot in the linear realm and one in the open world realm and didnt necessarily pull off either as well as they could have.

ClayRules2012681d ago

I agree. The first one in 2013 was such a really good game & first start to this new Journey for Lara. I came to care for Lara, and liked Roth. But Lara’s other friends were just poorly done, especially Jonah who they brought back. After that game tho, it went downhill with 2-3 “in my opinion”

Might not be an issue for you, which I understand, but it bothered me that they reused her walking/running/jumping animations from the first game into the next 2 games. Aside from U4’s wonderful storytelling/performance & great gameplay, the fact that ND always changed/improved Nathan Drake’s animations for each new game across the board added to the experience & made the game really feel fresh & new.

Cavalier680d ago

I honestly haven't played 3 yet, but yeah i agree with your points on the characters and animations. I also think that the world in 2 was really boring and didn't feel unique which is a hung bummer for a game like TA. atmosphere is a big part of gaming for me.

JaY_B1012680d ago (Edited 680d ago )

Thank you for this comment! I feel like no one talks about the re-used animations in the two sequels. That's what turned me completely off the most. The storyline wasn't the greatest(although still good), but I believe that if her animations evolved each game, it would've helped show her growth as a tomb raider.

deckardreplicant681d ago

It's a weird one for sure, You cannot deny that all these 3 games were actually pretty fun to play at times

The Graphics were outstanding, Music was really well done and the gameplay was great too BUT The character Lara herself and her story was so forgettable in all three games, I get that Lara should have new personalities in rebooted games but in that process, the character we used to love is now lost... they obviously didn't get the charm of the Old Lara Croft personality but they didn't even get the new one right. It's just so bland and mediocre. The Story suffered too being very mediocre throughout the series with very little less to actually care about at all. I think Tomb Raider is one of those games if even the story is not tight but the character is well written then it can definitely flyover pretty well.

And the most impactful thing that kept this game grounded is marketing and uncharted, The Marketing budget is obviously was pretty huge for 3 games but compared to modern standards the marketing effort was just not's Lara Croft we are talking about once used to be one of the most recognizable video game characters is now going obsolete in spite of a whole reboot. Also...Uncharted happened. Simply put Uncharted is a superior game in almost every aspect if compared to all 3 games. Also, the marketing of the game was really done, no overhyping stuff but definitely letting people know that you can expect the best. Yes it's overshadowed by Uncharted and I think for right reasons,

Tomb Raider is just not what it was used to be.

DrumBeat681d ago

Shadow of the Tomb Raider was unremarkable to say the least. One thing I'll give it credit for is that it made me slightly like Jonah. What am I saying, I still hate Jonah.

capjacksparrow681d ago

When your players forget who your characters were upon playing a sequel, you've done a shit job at storytelling and character creation. Looking at you Jonah. I only remember now because I've made an effort to remember how forgettable a character can be.

Livingthedream681d ago

Lol I only remember Lara's name. The story was ok, but the action packed levels were fantastic, which is what I wanted from this series.

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