The PS4 Pro: 2 years later

David from GameRevolution writes: As the first mid-gen console refresh, Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro had little competition at the time of its release. Sure, the PC exists, but some could argue they’re not competing for the same demographic. Since the Xbox One X’s launch, Sony’s upgrade no longer holds the title as the most powerful console. With that said, how has the PS4 Pro upgrade fared over the past two years from a console gamer’s perspective?

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CP_Company1485d ago

i can just say best things about Pro. very happy with this machine.

bluefox7551485d ago

I'm pretty happy with mine. It's the best way to play the best games, what's not to love?

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starchild1484d ago

Sure, because none of the best games are multiplats right? All the best games are made by Sony in your mind huh?

Nah, plenty of the best games I've played are multiplats or exclusives on other platforms. Sony definitely does an amazing job with their exclusives and I've enjoyed a number of them on my PS4 Pro. But in terms of overall numbers more of my favorite games of the generation have been multiplats and those play best on my PC.

Razzer1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

"All the best games are made by Sony in your mind huh? "

And what if he believes that to be true? So what? I agree with you on PC games, but opinions are opinions.

cliveo321485d ago

Had mine from day one still great glad I picked one up with vr aswell

Chexs19901485d ago

I love the Pro, no doubt about that. However, I absolutely f*****g hate, having that airport simulator in my living room -_-

pyroxxx1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

I love PS4Pro as well,.. still don't use down-sampling/4K most of the time,.. (unless I am using a headset),.. It is worth it sometimes,.. Sometimes I just want to play the game and chill,..

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Youngindy211484d ago

My PS4 Pro isn't noisy at all, but then again I have one of the special edition ones so maybe they fixed that issue. Do you own one of the launch Pros?

jukins1484d ago

I do and its sooo loud. But I rarely play without headphones

Razzer1484d ago

I think it depends on the model Pro. Mine is quiet but others say theirs are loud.

Chexs19901483d ago

I know that Sony recently applied for a patent for some silent cooling/fanning system or something.
But yeah, I bought mine at launch, so it's a first generation model.

paintedgamer19841485d ago

The rdr2 version is worth the extra $ alone

dekke1484d ago

tbh nope ..HDR is still fcked up

OpenGL1484d ago

HDR is fucked up in all versions unfortunately

OpenGL1484d ago

The only real advantage in RDR2 is performance, the "4K" mode is screwed up and looks worse than the Pro's 1080p mode.

LiViNgLeGaCY1484d ago

They haven't patched that yet???

isarai1484d ago

Don't get why everyone always disagrees with that, it's a fact, digital foundry proved it's a fact, R* admitted it's a fact, IT'S A FACT!