Skyrim Together Co-Op Mod Entering Closed Beta Soon

The developers of the eagerly awaited Skyrim Together co-op mod announced that the Closed Beta test will happen soon enough, with public testing scheduled afterward. Currently, it allows up to eight players to be in the same session.

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codelyoko10d ago

Yay! Need to install it again though.

Chris_Wray10d ago

Skyrim Co-Op could be bloody good, it all depends if the devs have got good netcode and such, letting it run smoothly though. We've always got ESO if not!

KaiPow10d ago

8 player instances? Man, I was only expecting to play with one other person. That's pretty cool!

GoWolverines10d ago

Yeah, Bethesda isn't milking an 8 year old game for all its worth or anything. I'm mean, certainly they have no way of making a new Elder Scrolls game that's fresh and new. Too much work for them.

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