Resident Evil 2 Remake New Game Plus Mode – Is there A NG+ Mode?

From PlayStation Universe: "The Resident Evil 2 demo is now live, and an early comparison video with the original shows just how things have evolved since the original. It’s also been datamined revealing a host of interesting information, including the possibility of a Resident Evil 2 Remake New Game Plus mode."

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Tankbusta4011d ago

Depending on how much is changed...the early Resident Evils were not THAT long...however you should play with both Claire and Leon as they have different stories and characters they interact with.

SenorFartCushion11d ago

Why do so many people want a New Game+ mode nowadays as opposed to level/chapter/checkpoint select?

The latter is better in every way.

Movefasta199311d ago

It's always awesome when you replay through the game at a higher difficulty with all the gear . That's why i love the souls games and dmc series so much.

ShadowWolf71210d ago

Or even replay it on a lower difficulty just to cheese it for giggles. lmao

saoco10d ago

The original game had game plus.... I remember that the most! You had to beat the game with one character with both in order to start game plus. One CD was leon and the other.... claire? I dont remember the exact name. But either way you couldn't start game plus without beating both CD.

HentaiElmo10d ago

I love game + in the original series as it allowed me to play the game with infinity amo and the strongest weapons like the grenade launcher rpg and magnum. A single player game without + is a finish and shelve it. If you don’t understand that you are under 18 years at best under 10 at worse

pietro121210d ago

Not really especially for action games and rpgs

TargusX9d ago

Much prefer game+ mode any day! More games need them imo

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bigmalky10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Kind of annoyed that you still need to hit zombies 3-8 times in the head to kill them. This was okay in the original game, where you didn't have precision shooting. I find it a joke in 4 onwards that you can't drop a regular zombie with a single head shot.

HentaiElmo10d ago

Just use the knife unless they fix it you could kill them with 3 swipe as the 3rd would cut the neck out if you know how to do it properly