Kingdom Hearts III launch updates schedule announced

Square Enix has detailed (2) the schedule of launch updates for the Kingdom Hearts III ahead of its release later this month.

Tapani6d ago

Hope it's not FFXV all over again. Nomura-san might quit as a result and they'd be left with the FFXIV team, which are probably fed up with SE milking the same game over and over again (albeit being a very good MMORPG, because the team, just like Nomura-san's, is excellent!)

Anyway, good luck to KH3! I hope it's better than FFXV which is still the kusoge of the series (worse than 13, which was a catastrophe already.)

FalconofLucis985d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Their both trash, but I wouldnt go so far as to say FF15 is the worst in the franchise. FF15 is still way better than FF13. FF15 had redeeming qualities, it was fun, the gameplay was fun, the characters were better, the world was better. FF13 is just an all out failure.

Tapani5d ago

Yeah, but FF13 was finished. I can't forgive the last few chapters of FFXV, they just stopped development there and called it quits. I am 100% sure the team wanted to create the game they wanted, but SE executives didn't let them. It would have been much better in the end and sold even more. Anyway, I liked Nomura-san's original darker vision much more. SE should do a management restructuring and think of what made them great in the first place. It was the squaresoft attitude that is completely absent from the company now, just as much as the talent has fled it. Nobody wants to work there anymore in Japan.

Delicious5d ago

I would completely disagree. FF13 was too linear BUT it was super polished, better story, better characters, fun battle system, and definitely a better world. FF15 was a huge empty map filled with copy and pasted truck stops. Just making something bigger or open world doesn't make it better.

nommers5d ago

@Delicious Lol, 13 has the worst characters by far in the franchise. Their dialogue was so poorly put together and extraordinarily annoying even for FF standards. Especially Snow with his constant “We’re the hero’s!” crap 24/7. Then there’s Vanille who won’t shut tf up with her weird yells and poorly written obliviousness. 15 actually has some of the best given the dialogue compared to past entries. One of the best villains and protags.

InKnight7s5d ago

Agree on everything except that XV actually is better than the boring 20 hours of toturials XIII.

+ Its higher ups mess who think that they should develop FF as Tomb Raider or other eidos games. They enforced couple of weird engines, focused on XIII and focusing on releasing multiplatform game which is useless because Xbox sales are too damn weak comparing to PS. Moreover Wada (ex CEO) hated Versus and focused on xIv and didn't let Nomura have any high devlopment stage at all, instead he keeps pulling Versus team for xIv and XIII trilogy and XIII engine. Then for whatever reason they made 3rd or 2nd tier director as Tabata handle thr XV project and pulled Nomura who was the creator of Noctis and that amazing settings that we never got to play because of SE ignorance.

NautilusXIII5d ago

@Delicious Absolutely fuckin' agree.