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Adam from GamesReviews takes a look at The Legend of Zelda A10 Headset from Astro for the Nintendo Switch!

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InTheZoneAC6d ago

Looks great, but that's about it.

If you want a wired headset under $100 look no further than steelseries arctis 3 or 5

If you want wireless look up arctis 7 or arctis wireless pro.

You'll never settle for astro comfort or audio quality again if you wear any of those arctic headsets as they all share a weightless headband design.

AdamRoffel6d ago

I'd agree. The Steel Series brand is phenomenal!

InTheZoneAC5d ago

two disagrees came from bots that have never tried arctis. You really have no idea how bad sound quality is on astros. The higher end astros have nice features, but they fail in terms of weight, comfort, and audio quality.

AdamRoffel5d ago

Didn’t find the audio quality poor on the Astros, but that is relative to the price. My high ends sets obviously trump this in performance.

PhantomS426d ago

Bought this a few days after Christmas when the store didn't have the original headset I wanted to buy. No regrets about buying this though. Absolutely fantastic. I just hate how headsets now don't rotate for L/R. I always had my headset on the right side and even though I've been using L mic headsets it still feels weird to me but that isn't against this headset just a personal preference that headset manufacturers seem to ignore.

Shiken6d ago

Wife got me this for my anniversary.