Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition Switch vs. Xbox 360 comparison

After originally appearing on the Xbox 360 many years ago, Tales of Vesperia makes its way to new platforms this week. See how the initial release compares to the Switch version.

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autobotdan889d ago

Docked only? I need to see handheld mode

Zeldafan64889d ago (Edited 889d ago )

Honestly what difference does it make? As long as the framerate is stable that's all that matters. The only real differences I see are the Switch version is slightly more colorful and the image is a little sharper.

kevnb889d ago

The thing about handheld mode is that it will look much worse blown up on a bigger screen.

chris235889d ago

surprised that this game is able to run on a severely underpowered piece of tech. lookig forward to this one on the ps4.

Weeblordbad889d ago

Stop commenting, you either say absolute nonsense like the dribble above or it's more whinging about "generic" shooters. The Switch is considerably more powerful than a 360, this is a simple port of a 360 title what could that possibly mean!? Oh it means all of the base consoles run it at 1080p? Wow.

You never have anything interesting or substantive to say, just whining and complaining that other people enjoy other things. That's life, get over it, get over yourself and move on. Bloody boring child/man child.

TheGamez100889d ago (Edited 889d ago )

The game was on the 360 and ps3 and the switch is more powerful than them. Tales games arent really big in graphics so the hardware doesnt need to be so powerful, I guess you musnt have been able to think of that to figure it out though from your "surprise" lol. Obvious troll is obvious. Will be enjoying the game on the go on the switch myself. Jrpgs are very well suited on handhelds and my preference of where to play them.

Zeldafan64889d ago

These trolls are upset that the Switch was the best selling console over the holidays.

Sgt_Slaughter889d ago

"Severely underpowered piece of tech" Enjoy living in your bubble that's outside of reality, troll.

Shiken889d ago (Edited 889d ago )

The image is clearly sharper on the Switch when being viewed on my phone, which means on a TV it is even more apparent. This puts the Switch above the 360, which is common knowledge by now, yet he is suprised it runs at all?

This guy is a joke.

notachance889d ago

switch has been my go-to console for jrpg and indies recently, now if only they have some kind of achievement system it'd be complete