Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Talks About Partnership with AMD for "Future Platforms"

During AMD's CES press conference, Xbox Division head Phil Spencer joined the graphics giant's CEO Lisa Su on stage to talk about the partnership between the two companies.

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darthv721990d ago

could this mean the next xbox would be using the newly announced 3rd gen ryzen and vega VII (or a derivative of those)?

endi1231990d ago

Judging by the dislikes it may use it

starchild1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

Hahaha I see what you did there.

beulahland1990d ago

@mikeslemonade nice to meet you, peasant.

UltraNova1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

AMD has been enjoying a rise in both marketshare and positive mindshare among both consumers and industry/server level for the past 3 years. This was the first time they were given a Keynote slot at CES. This is a very big thing for AMD. They needed to make the best of it and make a lasting impact to both consumers and the industry. They had a three way approach to achieve said impact. First show growth (market share-sales), second present new product lineup and talk about what differentiates them from Intel/Nvidia and third(the most important thing) their partnerships. This is where the educated consumer and industry in general focuses their attention. They showed FOX visual content creatives, scientists in Universities, game developers(Capcom, Ubi) and lastly MS, an admittedly huge name in the business as a close partner. They choose the head of Gaming (Phil - he is the best public spokesman currently employed at MS imo) to further drive the message that AMD has a close collaboration with huge industry name(remember consoles are a huge part of AMD's business). This is how they wanted to inspire confidence and trust on their products and services.

The gist of it is this: dont look for anything specific (next gen specs/deals etc) just because Phil was on AMD's stage(next gen xbox is a know fact already as is the ps5). This was AMD showing they can be trusted over Intel and Nvidia to provide good products and services by saying, look who trusts us already, why shouldn't you?

Artemidorus1990d ago

I would ignore dislikes when discussing Xbox it's just a certain type of fans who refuse any other platform news without negative views.

bluefox7551990d ago

Or maybe people just disagree? Crazy thought, I know.

Eonjay1989d ago

no i think its too soon to say Vega 7. The reason why is that no if you look at the branding it carries Vega branding and at least with Sony, the rumor is Navi. They are both supposed to be 7 nm but Navi is supposed to be the next gen gpu. Ryzen is a given but the GPU is still unknown. This card by the way is supposed to rival the 2080 so if it is what Microsoft goes with then they will have more than enough power plus you have to think they will customize it. It is just simply impossible to say. If your theory is right then it lends credence to the Navi exclusive PS5 rumors and I think it is too early to guess.

By the way, it is similar to the 11-13 TF rumor for the PS5. I think the conclusion is that they will both be about the same power spec wise.

fr0sty1989d ago

This is no surprise, AMD has controlled the console market since the first Xbox made the mistake of using an Nvidia GPU and ended up getting ripped off badly financially for it, contributing to that $4 billion it lost.

I currently have a GeForce GTX 970 as my primary GPU, that said, AMD is spanking Intel right now when it comes to workstation computers. You can get all the power Intel offers for half the price with Ryzen Threadrippers (Remember, I'm talking about workstations here, not gaming PCs, workstations tend to depend on multi-thread heavy loads a lot more, especially for folks like me who do lots of encoding and AE + Cinema 4D animating). AMD is starting to try to compete again in the GPU field as well, though that probably won't happen until they get their real time ray tracing tech deployed. I think the next gen consoles will be among the first to use it.

dumahim1989d ago


How does someone disagree with a question?

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Razzer1990d ago

Sure......if Microsoft doesn't mind charging over a $1000 for their next Xbox.


Yeah people said the same thing about the X

Razzer1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

"Yeah people said the same thing about the X"

No, they didn't because the X wasn't using the latest high-end graphics card and CPU like the ones darthv72 is referencing. Not the same thing at all.

Edit: If anyone said that about X then they had to have been assuming X would have the latest Ryzen and Vega processors which obviously didn't happen. If it had then yes, Xbox One X would have been over $1000 as well.

Tech51990d ago

"Phil spencer showing up on stage, could this mean amd would be supporting xbox "exclusively" next gen."

doubt it. however, I have my own theory.
if the GT tech demo running at 8k is correct, and was running on the PS now service. then this would explain the absent partnership from AMD and Sony at this E3. considering the sheer hit and expense that would be needed in oder to make 8k possible from AMD.

there is already cheap lag free cloud gaming in existence.

conanlifts1990d ago

A custom Ryzen 5 with an AMD Navi GPU seems a more likely combination.

Tech51990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

conanlifts -
"A custom Ryzen 5 with an AMD Navi GPU seems a more likely combination."

Navi is $700, the price was just confirmed a few hrs ago.

the issue with many console gamers is that they dream too much. obviously you can not put a $700 GPU inside of a console and sell it for $399. a ideal console GPU is worth $200 at most...

which makes Xcloud and Ps Now the reality of affordable 4k and 8k 60 fps gaming.

how could anyone not see this happening?

Razzer1990d ago


I agree that a $399 console isn't feasible with the latest tech. Just not happening. But I also don't think cloud is the solution yet. Next gen will be hardware based.

ABizzel11990d ago


Apparantley AMD isn't considering this GPU as "Navi" in the sense of the main line up of card. This is being referred to simply as 7nm Vega, which is odd IMO, unless they plan on simply naming the RX 600 / 3000 series of GPUs Navi, and sticking with the Vega name for their "high-end" cards. This is according to some media outlets, but nothing has been 100% confirmed thus far by AMD.


At this point at worst the next-gen consoles should be using custom Zen2 mobile processors, which should be released sometime early 2020, considering they just released Zen+ mobile processors. Best case scenario they're using custom Zen 2 APU processors which will allow for better performance due to higher clock speeds at consistent performance.

GPU-wise you're looking at an RX 670 / 680 Navi, or maybe RX 770 / 780 Navi 2. Here's hoping for the 700 series which will give the 7nm performance time to grow, because so far the performance leaps from NVIDIA and AMD have been decent, but nothing substantial, meanwhile pricing is on the rise for the high-end at least. Mid-range and low performance should be at an all time high for PC gamers though.

fr0sty1989d ago

Ryzens clock in at half the price of their intel counterparts, and every Xbox since the 360 has used AMD... so....

slavish01989d ago

i remember when people like you said x1x couldnt offer 6tf for under 800.00

Razzer1989d ago

"i remember when people like you said x1x couldnt offer 6tf for under 800.00"

I don't know what "people like you" you are talking about. I said Xbox One X would fail if it was over $500 and hopefully it would be $500.


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tontontam01990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

Phil spencer showing up on stage, could this mean amd would be supporting xbox "exclusively" next gen.

tontontam01990d ago

"No chance."

well that is boring then.



uth111990d ago

no. it's been reported that AMD put 2/3 of their engineering team to work on Sony's next gen architecture and other projects suffered as a result

stuckNhere4Good1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

I think so. There's been a number of odd exchanges by SIE devs about certain architectures (namely Nvidia's and another that I won't say because it seems far-fetched) on their social media accounts. I honestly don't know what to make of what their saying to each other because they are somewhat cryptic in their discussions. If what I inferred from what one of those devs said to an Unity3D dev and a Disney Imagineering dev is correct, then the chips of PS5 aren't going to be anything like what has been rumored/reported.

StormSnooper1990d ago

Not unless MS pays a ridiculous price to AMD. I don’t think they would want to incur a cost like that at the get go.

Purrfection1990d ago

No, both Sony and Microsoft will have their own exclusive chips that are basically mockups of existing cards.

Sevir1990d ago

Not a snowballs chance in hell, AMD already confirmed that they were neck deep in work with Sony on new Technology, so much so, that the partnership caused production and research to their Mainline products on their roadmaps to fall behind. Apparently, olalmost 2/3rd of their work force to allocated to work with SIE engineering and technology department. And last that was reported was that the there is a NAVI CHIPSET thats exclusive to Sony.
What Phil is doing is simply talking up the fact that they're getting ready to launch their next generation of Xbox which he spoke of this past E3.