Top 5 Video Game Franchises Microsoft Should Revive

The lack of exclusives also pushed gamers to the PlayStation 4 and recently the Nintendo Switch thanks to titles such as God of War and Super Mario Odyssey. Microsoft does have a lot of incredible IPs they can revive to boost the Xbox One's exclusive library. Here are the top 5 franchises Microsoft should revive.

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PhoenixUp1729d ago

Not even Yookah-Laylee was as good as the first two Banjo-Kazooie games. I doubt current Rare can do a better job than Playtonic at that type of game.

darthv721728d ago

Never played yookah laylee and only recently played the banjo games on rare replay. I wasnt much into the n64 at the time. I am quite surprised there had not been a new crimson skies, especially when the boom of online multiplayer really took off. it seemed like a perfect fit.

I'd say a few others (that are not MS specific) that should be considered for return would be stubbs the zombie, bloodwake, quantum redshift and somebody already mentioned PGR so i would add rally sport challenge.

The Wood1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

How many of these articles have appeared this gen. How many times have I had to call for a crimson skies.

Obscure_Observer1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

I would love to see a new Otogi and Sudeki game. :)

A new next gen Jet Force Gemini made by RARE would be FANTASTIC!

gangsta_red1727d ago

Perfect Dark, Crimson Skies, Brute Force. I'm sure a modern take on each of those games would be successful.

The fact that Perfect Dark has been dormant for so long absolutely boggles my mind. That should have been top priority from MS at the start of this gen.

Obscure_Observer1728d ago


"I doubt current Rare can do a better job than Playtonic at that type of game."

The "current" RARE, employes more than 400 professionals and they´re currently working on a new IP. I´m 100% positive that this new game will score better than Yookah-Laylee´s 67 score on Meta.

RosweeSon1725d ago

What 69 like sea of thieves. Hardly a game changing difference there ;)

PhoenixUp1727d ago

@ Obscure

How can you say that when Yookah-Laylee was still received better critically than Sea of Thieves?

The amount of workers doesn’t translate to quality

Obscure_Observer1727d ago


"How can you say that when Yookah-Laylee was still received better critically than Sea of Thieves?"

Lol. Are you sure?


PhoenixUp1726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )



Besides that are you really still putting faith in a company that spends nearly five years in making a game that receives such a divisively low score?

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NecrumOddBoy1729d ago

Blinx the Cat could make a return. Also, I would like to see Project Gotham Racing or at least its style infused into Forza.

darthv721728d ago

Well the team that did PGR is now a part of Playground games so there could be a possibility of them using some of those features of old but made new again.

Segata1728d ago

Blinx had a neat idea for that time that no longer is but the game was average then and not aged all that well.

AK911728d ago

Very true but a sequel/reboot may be able to make a unique first party Xbox game which MS is sorely lacking.

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Switch4One1729d ago

Perfect Dark 3rd person adventure would be pretty sweet.

On the other side of the pond, can Sony please revive Heavenly Sword?!

I miss my redheads okay?!

darthv721728d ago

I dont know why there wasnt a sequel to HS but now I'm not sure sony still owns it or if they ever did. I know they published it. Maybe part of the deal with NT was they get to retain all their developed IP's and as such then perhaps MS may greenlight a sequel after all this time.

Switch4One1728d ago

No, it's definitely a Sony IP. I think I've read that a bunch of times.

Ausbo1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

Yeah Sony historically own their second party IP. They love to make deals like that. A big reason sunset overdrive was a Microsoft game, was because Sony demanded the IP ownership. Microsoft didn’t

Same with order1866 and ready at dawn

AK911728d ago

Sony owns it and the game BOMBED financially really badly, being a PS3 exclusive in an era that PS3 was getting alot of hate due to their awful PS3 launch (ironically mirrored by MS's Xbone One launch) made it impossible to be a success.

Obscure_Observer1728d ago


"Perfect Dark 3rd person adventure would be pretty sweet."

No doubt! I would also love to see them take a darker tone and a more adult oriented approach like Cyberpunk 2077.

lollord1728d ago Show
Segata1728d ago

Wizards & Warriors.
Jet Force Gemini
Phantom Dust
Blue Dragon
Lost Odyssey

Those are the series I want most from MS.

NecrumOddBoy1728d ago

Oh made me think about Panzer Dragoon returning too