Metroid Prime 4 release date leaks online

It would seem the Metroid Prime 4 release date has leaked and it's in 2019. No doubt this will be a great year for Switch and gaming in general.

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Scissorman8213d ago

if metroid prime 4 were to come out this year, it most certainly wouldn't be in november - that's pokemon's month. =P

eagle2112d ago

Which would help Metroid's sales as more gamer's are in the store for Pokemon and other big selling games. The holiday would give Metroid a big boost! Gosh, I want this

BadElf11d ago

Gosh? Weird when I read that...but I agree!

indysurfn11d ago

I want this game too. Day one in fact.

Mr Marvel12d ago

Metroid gives the adults something to play while the young children play with their pokemon.

DanteVFenris66611d ago

You do know Pokémon is old enough where everyone into it as a kid is now an adult with a job. I bet you there is far more adults then kids that enjoy Pokémon.

Especially sense most kids I know are into cod and fortnight

JunMei11d ago

It's funny because most pokemon players are actually adults. It's like this meme:

TheEnigma31312d ago

Not really, They did release Pokemon and smash close together.

DefaultComment11d ago

Not quite Pokémon can be released on whatever month they feel like it and their sales are still guaranteed.
He'll Pokémon can be released on February and still sell million upon millions. So that argument of yours is invalid.

xPaYDaYx11d ago

Who's to say Pokemon won't get delayed into next year? Obviously we don't wanna hear it but it's always a possibility.

SR38811d ago

Fuck Pokémon Metroid shits over it

TheEroica11d ago

Pokémon came out when I was 19 years old... Its literally tellatubbies to me... Metroid in November sound fine to me!

adamwparker11d ago

Me too. I didn't really know anything about Pokemon until I had kids. Like the Power Rangers, I just missed the boat.

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phantomexe13d ago

Metroid 4 would be my reason to buy a switch.

VasilisArt13d ago

Now all they have to do is make it good so people won't be disappointed

Skankinruby12d ago

I still cringe remembering I bought a Wii for Other M....

DarXyde12d ago


You bought a Wii for Other M and not Metroid Prime 3: Corruption?

... why?

Metroid Prime is legitimately the only first person game I love. I would've expected that game to be the reason a holdout would purchase a Wii-- that's when I got mine, actually.

Dirtnapstor12d ago

You’re behind, Breath of the Wild is the reason to buy a Switch. So good.

l3w1s12d ago

Newsflash: not everybody likes Zelda.

DefaultComment11d ago

I pity all those who dislike Zelda games... Smh

prankster10111d ago

Pfft... I have a Wii U.

Not everyone wants to buy the rubbish that is the Switch.

opc11d ago


I don't dislike them... I've just played enough of them. Same with Mario. Cool games but when you have limited time it's odd to play the same franchises over and over again for 3 decades or more.

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paintedgamer198412d ago

My reason too bro. I bought my sister a switch for xmas the year before last and it didnt take me long to play what i was interested in. Im a sony pony but my fav i.p. is undoubtedly on a Nintendo console. Its funny because just like the Nintendo fanboys on this website... i used to be just like them. From the nes all the way until right before the wii. The wii-switch gen nintendo... i cant get behind until my arm is completely twisted... damn you nintendo (in japanese accent) 😂

phantomexe11d ago

Yea i only purchased nintendo consules up until the wii which left a bad impression on me havent purchased a nintendo product since. A new metroid prime does peak my interest. I was zeldaed out and mario outed before the wii even hit stores and i've never liked pokemon. Metroid and DK with that octopath game i can see me picking one up.

sinspirit12d ago

Imagine having a co-op mode for it, similar to Resistance 2's horde-mode with up to 8 players going through several levels, hordes, and multiple bosses.

I think Metroid would be very deserving of a spin-off where you can create your own space bounty hunter. For some reason, I would imagine it being somewhere in between Halo/Destiny co-op elements but with MGSV's base management system to upgrade your ship, arsenal, and companions.

pyroxxx12d ago

@Skankinruby ,..
OtherM was not great but not that bad either,.. Never understood all hate for this game,..Just from moment to moment gameplay,.. it was decent at least.

The 10th Rider12d ago

Yeah. The story was "eh", but I wish they would make some sort of follow up on that gameplay, even if it was in a different franchise.

paintedgamer198411d ago

If it was a a standalone new i.p. like the federation game... it wouldnt have been so bad like you said... but when you compare it to everything before it... its trash.

-volt-6d ago

Buying a system for 1 game is a terrible investment

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EddieNX 13d ago

I'm seeing loads of announcements and trailers around. And this means one thing....

All aboard the Nintendo direct hype train!!!

meganick12d ago

I really hope this is great. I love the first 3. Part 1 blew me away when it released and stands as one of the best gaming experiences I’ve ever had.

Movefasta199312d ago

i always wanted to play them, hopefully they remaster them for them for switch,

meganick11d ago

I’d be surprised if Nintendo didn’t release the original trilogy on Switch remastered in HD. It would help promote part 4.

NarutoFox12d ago

Looking forward to this game. It's been a long time

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