The Best Metroidvania Games on PS4

If you love Metroidvania games just as much as you do your PS4, make sure you're aware of all these great Metroidvania games that are available.

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Tetsujin1483d ago

One per page. Don't give them the clicks.

TheEnigma3131483d ago

yeah I'm good; this isn't 1998 anymore with the 56k modem.

Godmars2901483d ago

Not really the point. And largely, because page ads tend to be invasive, they greatly reduce load time regards of connection. Then there are the ones that take over browser, put up new pages or videos - which then auto-play no matter how many times stopped - or are just outright spam that you have to go into system management to shut down your browser.

And yet, against all that BS, there are sites that wont allow access unless white-listed from ad-block!

Also have a theory that the exact mentally which prioritized traffic over content lead to crap like GG. To sites thinking they could choose their audiences while hiring hack writers to make clickbait titles.

Master of Unlocking1483d ago

Lots of Metroidvania games I didn't know about in there. I bought the Castlevania Requiem bundle and, although the ending theme "I'm the wind" was replaced with some admittedly nice but generic piece of music, this port isn't anywhere near as bad as some made it out to be, so I really hope Konami will at some point come up with other Castlevania bundles (like 1, Simon's Quest, 3, and Super Castlevania IV) on the PS4.