PlayStation Now Gets Prey, Project Cars 2, More in January

Prey, Metro 2033, and more get added to PlayStation Now in January. This grows the service to over 600 games.

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Fist4achin932d ago

Prey is awesome. Highly recommended!

932d ago
Ratchet75917d ago

I wished we could use it why in remote play so I could play it on my phone/tablet but still a good service if you have a very good signal.

tinchotin932d ago

Is it still streaming only?

Anon1974932d ago

Nope. You've been able to download games from PSNow for awhile.

ILostMyMind932d ago

If It is a PS4 game you can download it on PS4.

OneEyedSteve932d ago

BS that EU doesn't get PC2! This is what EU gets.

Metro 2033 Redux
Dirt 4
Styx: Shards Of Darkness
Victor Vran Overkill Edition
Chess Ultra
Locoroco Remastered
Lock’s Quest
The Town Of Light