Mirror's Edge - Gameplay footage of entire first level

Footage of the first level of Mirror's Edge from today's Eurogamer Expo.

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tha_bomboclaatgamer4274d ago

cool. i hope the ps3 version is on par with the 360 one. cell baby ^_^

TheColbertinator4274d ago

They will about the same because the PS3 version is the lead platform unlike Fallout 3.Also the PS3 version will have exclusive PS3 DLC.

360 man4274d ago


the 360 version using 4x AA

while the ps3 version aint using any

sorry to be the bearer of bad news

HighDefinition4274d ago

Everything you`ve seen of ME is on PS3.


Pennywise4274d ago

Oh look the resident 360 cheerleaders are hear making uneducated comments! Who'da thunk it.

Ps3= Lead console. 'nuff said.

I bet you two are ugly as hell in those short skirts.

mercyless94274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

that this game was inspired by portal ?? great video tho. im gettin it

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coolfool4274d ago

in that you can see them. In so many FPS's you feel like just a floating head with a gun. But would it not have been a better choice to use a third person perspective. This would allow the parkor moves to be shown off to full effect. I wonder what the reason was behind making it first person?

Fishy Fingers4274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

Simply put, immersion. No other genre allows you to connect with whats happening on screen better than the first person perspective. It's "you" there, rather than a "character".

Muddyalcapones4274d ago

I would beg to differ. I feel more connected to a Link or what-have-you when I can see them/ their face during gameplay and cutscenes.

SuperM4274d ago

When you can see them it aint you. The first person view make it feel like its you that is running. I think it fits the game perfect and helps make it new and refreshing. If it was third person it would be like, cool.. but ive seen this before.

Omega44274d ago

I hope this game isnt too linear cause since there is no multiplayer the singleplayer really needs some replayabilty

But i like the way they made everywhere your meant to go is red, pretty cool

Fishy Fingers4274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

The red path is actually designed to help you enter the game and accommodate the novice player. Once you get the hang of it there is actually countless routes open to you, not all of which follow "the red".

That should help towards the longevity. Hopefully they include online score boards for things like the time trial mode.

But your right in the use of colour is very striking, the contrast between the vibrate red and clinical surrounds is well crafted.

Chainsaw4274d ago

Apparently theres 8 chapters, I'm guessing thats chapter 1 part 1. how many parts to a chapter though I do not know...

Mwaan4274d ago

Wow. EA's motion sickness simulator looks outstanding!

sajj3164274d ago

A FPR ... First Person Runner game :)

Maldread4274d ago

Hehe good one :)

It does seem like a platformer in FPS though, so it will be fun to see how it turns out. Hopefully good.

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The story is too old to be commented.