Devolver Digital Discounts Game at the Request of a Single Potential Customer

Ask Devolver Digital and you shall receive. Game publisher puts Shadow Warrior 2 on sale at the request of a single potential customer.

Purrfection1719d ago

That's what I call customer support. These guys are great.

Activemessiah1719d ago

i'll definitely get Shadow Warrior 2 full priced AFTER the sale... these guys deserve my support along with CDPR


Embracer Looking Into Alternatives to Layoffs, but There Will Be Further Studio Closures

Embracer Group is hosting its annual general meeting of shareholders, and CEO Lars Wingefors discussed the current restructuring and future initiatives to continue it.

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blackblades1d 14h ago

Damn more closures, they shouldnt have bought so much

Abriael1d 14h ago

Yeah they're like "lookie here, we own 100 studios" one hour before in the conference, and then "hey, but we'll close some"


An exclusive look at Total War Pharaoh Amenmesse, Egypt’s angriest son

Total War Pharaoh's Amenmesse isn't happy with his position in the south, and our exclusive hands-on look explains the challenges he'll have to overcome.

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The Inspiring Journey Of Eve Online

Eve Online has been going strong for 20 years. As developer CCP Games looks back, there are memories imposter syndrome and final validation

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