The Most Anticipated Open-World Titles for 2019

Player 2 takes a look at the open-world games that are likely to steal everyone's time in 2019.

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Smokehouse1969d ago

Biomutant is one of my most anticipated in general. I have mild hype for days gone and crackdown.

ClayRules20121969d ago

I keep forgetting about Biomutant, but it looks like so much fun & interesting. Days Gone I’m very excited for. I’m curious to see the story, and hope that’ll deliver and be really well done. I hope all these months of polishing really helps on the animations side. But I’ve really enjoyed the demos that have been shown. One thing is for sure, Days Gone is a looker. Unreal Engine 4 has helped Bend deliver an amazing looking game. And I hope crackdown turns out really well for the fans.

No Way1969d ago

I really want to see more of Biomutant - it looks like it could be a sleeper hit.

annoyedgamer1969d ago

Im happy they put it in the list. It needs more exposure.

Smokehouse1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

I think they are waiting for closer to release. It got pushed back like a year, I doubt we’d even know about it if they predicted that set back.

stupidusername1969d ago

Not really excited for any of these except maaaaybe Biomutant. All the others seem extremely generic. Grindy space online shooter, online post apocalyptic shooter and a zombie shooter... ugh

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Nodoze1969d ago

I am REALLY anticipating Biomutant. I hope it is not a let down. So far it looks great.

RisingGear1969d ago

Biomutant has a lot of potential

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Days Gone – Five Years Later

How does Bend Studio's underrated open-world survival title hold up after all these years, especially following its updates?

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GhostScholar3d ago

One of my favorite games of all time. Hate that ain’t didn’t allow a sequel.

Cacabunga3d ago

This MUST have a sequel..
Enough said

GhostScholar3d ago

Sony didn’t green light a sequel and I hate it.

Psychonaut853d ago

Yeah the director is still bitching about it 5 years later. Lol. It does suck though. Definitely plenty of room to do more with the IP.

got_dam3d ago

I'm with you on that. I lived in the bend area for a long time and it was nice to see that part of the country in a game. As noah Gervais said (in his negative review that I don't agree with mostly) "day gone is more oregon than far cry 5 was Montana, and far cry 5 was pretty damn Montana."

YourMommySpoils2d ago

I really enjoyed it too. Kept me coming back for more and the platinum.

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SimpleSlave3d ago

The Motorcycle was actually fun and the idea and effects of the Hordes was actually great. Sadly, the zombies in the horde have no health bar so they drop like flies, even if you hit them like once or twice on the knee. Also, no Head Shot Only Mode in another Zombie game.

In the end, it was a very generic game, with terrible mission design and cookie cutter everything. And with terrible writing and terrible written characters, the whole thing was just an Asylum level bad. This was just Sons of Anarchy at home with Zombies but somehow worst.

But again, the motorcycle was fun though...

Tacoboto2d ago

Best motorcycle gameplay of last gen!

The writing though really was the worst. Deacon was one-note and overly bitter, everyone else was a trope. You could cut off the first 30-40 hours of the game and then it would actually be a great game.