Best Game Nobody Played of 2018

VGChartz's Taneli Palola: "As is always the case, especially in a year such as this, some games will unfortunately get lost and overlooked by most people regardless of their overall quality. These days there are so many amazing games being released practically every single week that there just isn't enough time for all of them to get their time in the spotlight. It's an unfortunate reality of the video game industry, and the following four games sadly never quite reached the heights that their quality would warrant."

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Asuka1026d ago

VC4 was great. Also Xenoblade 2: Torna the Golden Country.

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MoshA1025d ago

Xenoblade 2 was a fan service fest and the game looks really bad in handheld mode. Something's really wrong with the colours. VC4 is mediocre.

Asuka1025d ago

I disagree. Tho you are correct that in handheld XC2 performs quite poor and the color accuracy is more of issue with the actual panel used for the screen I think. But it isn't a fan service fest imo. But to each their own. Please keep in mind that I am simply disagreeing with you, and not saying you are wrong.

Nintentional1025d ago

You’re comment is mediocre bro

Swiftfox1025d ago (Edited 1025d ago )

"VC4 is mediocre" - I can agree with this.
The overall story was mundane and the characters were nothing but overused anime tropes. It's frustrating because the series has a lot of potential, but it always sugar coats everything and you're left with nothing but a teen melodrama with some of the most insulting themes I've seen in a game.
The simplistic, straight-forward gameplay can be entertaining and satisfying, but players will soon realize just how shallow it is for a strategy game. The sad part is the much loved first game has the same exact issues. Young boys eat it up though, so -shrugs- I just wish someone would make this style of JRPG for mature adults.

Tapani1025d ago

I’m with you MoshA and Swiftfox. Games need better narratives over the fan fest stuff.

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RavenWolfx1026d ago

I intend on picking it up for the Switch when I get one later this year.

Servbot411026d ago

Too bad it released at such a bad time. I loved it though, one of my favorites last year.

ZeekQuattro1025d ago

Did you end up buying it if you don't mind me asking?

gangsta_red1025d ago

I didn't, I rented it from Gamefly.

AceRimmer3021025d ago

You're part of the problem.

gangsta_red1025d ago

I'm part of the solution.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1025d ago

I bought it but lost interest for some reason. I love this series so I'm not sure why.

TheGamez1001025d ago (Edited 1025d ago )

Same here, loved vc1 and 3. Vc2 i beat but the game wasnt great. This game...idk why I havent beat it yet. Stopped around chapter 10 and havent went back in months. I guess its just that the games pretty much exactly like the first game and didnt really evolve in any way considering its been 10 years since vc1s release. The game is good and im glad they went back to its roots but...idk I guess the storys just predictable? Characters are good but I dont like any of the side characters and their designs, theyre all very generic. Just doesnt have the wowness in the game I guess.

rainslacker1025d ago

I got the game, but haven't gotten around to playing it yet. I've read mixed reviews, so I'm hoping it's not that bad. Been a long while since we've had a proper VC game on home consoles. I loved VC1, the portable one's were OK, and I even liked the story well enough in Revolution, and the game play wasn't terrible...although it was way too much narrative, and sometimes I just wanted to get to the next game play section.

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