Bethesda Announces Lawsuit Over Fallout Shelter Code Resolved

Bethesda has released the following statement to the gaming media showing they have resolved their Lawsuit over the use of Fallout Shelter code in the Westworld Mobile Game. While the statement is brief it does conclude what looked to be a nasty fight that claimed their code was being used by other developers without proper licensing.

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NicSage580d ago

Yay lets rally for a corporation! I think not.

Garethvk580d ago

When an even bigger company steals your code blatantly and tries to pass it off as their own; I think it is good they caught them and made them pay.

rainslacker580d ago (Edited 580d ago )

Yeah well. Bethesda may not be the saint of the day, but if their code was ripped off, then they should fight to protect it. It doesn't matter what other crappy things they have done, it's still not right to take their code from them without permission or payment. It's not like the corporation that used the code is any less of a corporate entity.

The company I work for spends millions of dollars a year, and earns many more millions of dollars on the code it works on that it licenses to game companies to make games. If I saw some of my work that I created on behalf of that company being used, I'd certainly bring it to my bosses attention, and they have sued people already for this very thing. If it were code I wrote as an indie dev, and I saw some other game making money on it, and I could prove it were my code(which is possible since I apparently have a unique way of writing code), you can bet I'd also sue that corporation for using my work. Just because Bethesda is a big corporation doesn't mean they don't have protection under the law.

Believe it or not, sometimes its easy to see your designs being used in other people's code. I notice it quite often when I'm playing games which use our engine tools. Considering that compliance testing for consoles nowadays requires copyright examinations, it's hard to pass off copyrighted code as one's own. But I suppose it's still possible on PC, and we have people in our company that keep an eye out for such things.

Agent_00_Revan580d ago

Sadly, that's the best news Bethesda has had since Fallout 76 launched.