Video: Onimusha: Warlords Switch vs. PS2 comparison

Onimusha: Warlords is finally appearing on a Nintendo system for the first time with its Switch release. View a comparison showing how it stacks up to the PlayStation 2 original.

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Kainbrightside898d ago

Excited to play this again I love hack n slash titles

mikeslemonade897d ago (Edited 897d ago )

We don’t need this remaster. The hack and slash genre has advanced, going back to playing a clunky slash game is not necessary.

But I will play it just cause it’s coming to PC. 4k 60 frames for me.

Kainbrightside897d ago

I have a PC as well but I'll get this on switch just to play while waiting on the bus and metro. I love the series anyways and would love a new installment.

porkChop898d ago

Never played Onimusha. Do the mechanics hold up?

pietro1212898d ago

It plays like the older Resident Evil games in a way. Tank controls, fixed cameras

porkChop898d ago

Ah, ok. Not sure if I'd be down for that. I'll have to look more into it then. Thanks.

Livingthedream898d ago

Very comparable. Crazy how underpowered the switch is.

CosmicTurtle898d ago

The Switch may be “underpowered” in some respects, at least when you reject the idea it is simultaneously a portable machine. But its power is hardly going to represented in upscaled remaster of a prerendered ps2 game. It really looks very similar on PS4 and Xbox One too. Obviously those are more powerful consoles but that is not what the video is representing. This is more akin to the FFXII Zodiac Age update in graphical terms.

EddieNX 898d ago (Edited 898d ago )

Nice try , Onimusha on Switch looks exactly the same on Switch as it does on XB1 and PS4. The Switch version looks way way crisper and higher resolution, use your eyes.

Its just a 1080p remaster with not much else, they're not charging full price.

Pantz898d ago

Why not compare it to the Xbox One X version?

CosmicTurtle898d ago

Because it is an upscale appraised on a site called Nintendoeverything.

DafunkyRebel898d ago

I just want them to make Onimusha 2 and 3 for PS4 and I’ll be good.