Top 7 Stress Busters of 2018

After an exhausting day toiling at college or work, it’s often not a feasible idea to crunch down on carefully crafted 70-80 hour RPGs or rage inducing, pixel-precise platformers. The following 7 “stress busters” help us ease our stress, blow off steam and let us have fun, engaging experiences that no other medium except video games can provide.

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Nacho_Z636d ago

I don't know when it came out on PS4 but I bought it in 2018, Stardew Valley is easily the most relaxing game of my year and probably ever. It's one of those games that you hear is good but I thought it looked too twee and wasn't interested but I gave it a shot and I've loved every minute of it.

Obviously not one to play to let off steam with a bit of the old ultraviolence but it's a great de-stresser in a different way.