New PS4 Trailer Celebrates a Year of Great Games; Says "See you in 2019"

2018 has been a great year for PS4, with a ton of great games released for the platform, and Sony Interactive Entertainment is celebrating.

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isarai1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Might just be a bit of marketing, but this is the third time i've heard exactly "See You in 2019" from Sony. Wonder if it means something :/

isarai1738d ago

yeah but where will they announce them? they've opted out of E3 and PSX. i'm starting to think they're going to do a nintendo direct type deal at some random time next year

Abriael1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Remember, EA isn't at E3. This doesn't mean that they don't make E3 announcements. They're just at their own event. Sony'll probably do the same.

Mr Pumblechook1738d ago

To be a great console you need to have great games.

StormSnooper1738d ago

This is Sony’s way of advertising, I much prefer it to PR articles. Show, don’t tell.

ShadowWolf7121737d ago

Mayhaps the PlayStation Experience will become an "E3 Event" as opposed to being at the end of the year?

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IamTylerDurden11738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Sony hasn't really been hugely boastful this gen, so if they say something i'd listen. I can't imagine that the "just wait til 2019" jargon is pure marketing bs. PS5 announcement or new AAA games i presume.

sprinterboy1738d ago

It's saying happy new year see you in 2019 for another awesome Year.
People read too much into shit

salmonade1737d ago

@ Sprinterbpy, lol exactly. There's no secret message. They're basically wishing everyone a great New Years and saying we'll see you all in 2019. There's no secret lol

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Mr Marvel1738d ago

It means another year of PS4 domination.

Although while most of my games bought in 2019 will again be on PS4, my 2 most wanted games are Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing on Switch.

neutralgamer19921738d ago

It means Ps5 reveal in February/March 2019

It means PSX in summer 2019 for full blue out coverage on Ps5

It means Ps5 in 2nd week of November at $449

Ans finally it means many replies telling me how wrong I am? Just wait and watch. Sony never said Ps5 in 2020 they said they will support ps4 till 2021-2022

Be excited

Insomniac has been bought by Sony along with blue point games

Ceaser98573611738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

"Insomniac has been bought by Sony along with blue point games"

Source??? If its true.. Its big but i haven't read this anywhere

okay i came across this and it says Nope Sony aint buying Insomniac


sprinterboy1738d ago

2019, add the 1 and 9 =10 so that's October add 20 = 20th October Sony event with ps5 reveal add 20 release date 2020 add 4 digits 2019 = 4 digits = ps5 release date 20th April 2020.

If you believe that pls seek help.

rainslacker1738d ago

Dunno....but we know they have some games. I like that they listed a bunch of games, even if they weren't exclusive or made by them. I forgot so many of those games released this year, because there were so many great games this year, regardless of console preference.

mkis0071738d ago

It is pretty specific. See you could mean as everyone has said a Direct Style conference.

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ArchangelMike1738d ago

It's been a truly great year for PS4. I look forward to what my Playstation has to offer in 2019 and beyond. Beyond!

StormSnooper1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

And Beyond!

MrVux0001738d ago

And maybe beyond "BEYOND"?

TheGoodestBoi1738d ago

The latest Beyond show with Cory Barlog was great. I feel like doing another God of War playthrough again

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IamTylerDurden11738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

PS4 had a remarkable year and it perplexes me that much of the attention goes to Phil Spencer/Game Pass and the success of Switch. Much of the media seems to value new ways of selling old games rather than actual new games. Backwards compatibility was nice and Game Pass (the XB version of PSNow) has been fairly successful thus far, but both have received far more media attention than they deserved. Meanwhile, Sony has had a fantastic 2016-2018 that includes multiple consensus GotYs, more high level exclusives than anyone, and the launch of the most successful VR HMD on the market.

The support that PSVR has received in 2018 alone outweighs the entire lifespan of the Kinect. One could argue that PSVR by itself had a better year of exclusives/timed exclusives than XB1, which is insane. Astro Bot, Firewall, Tetris Effect, Wipeout, Moss (timed), The Persistence, ZOE, Borderlands 2 VR, and more. The support Sony has given VR while continuing to flood the PS4 with quality games is nothing short of impressive. Exclusives like Astro Bot and Firewall deserve recognition just as God of War and Spider-man do.

I fully understand that Microsoft signed some studios this year and people are excited for the future, but Sony is delivering at a near historic rate here and now. If TLoU 2 is the game people think it is Sony might have an unprecedented 4 GotYs this gen with Uncharted 4, Bloodborne, God of War, and The Last of Us II. The funny thing is, HZD and Spider-man were so good that they could've been consensus GotYs in less competitive years. The quality and quantity are both phenomenal and the gaming media needs to give PlayStation the appropriate amount of coverage. Either journalists are jaded from Sony's success or there are more paid articles than i thought. Either way, success like PS4s isn't guaranteed every gen and it needs to be appreciated when it happens.

Abriael1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Game Pass is genuinely a great deal and attempts to bring to gaming the Netflix model, which isn't a small thing, and the Switch is innovative. It's normal that they get attention.

IamTylerDurden11738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Microsoft is very savvy in the way they have offered Game Pass. They practically give it away for a month or two, but i'm assuming you are signing up with an automatic renewal upon the end of the promotion. So yes, it's basically free at first, but then you get charged monthly. What is it, 9.99 per month? Decent price, it's really objective whether or not the deal is good. Sure, they offer new first party games, but there was one good exclusive this year. There was FH4 and the indie game "Ashen". So maybe two. How many games are on Game Pass? About 200? It really is objective. You can say PSNow is no goood because it's more expensive but that doesn't tell the whole story. PSNow offers over 700 games with far more able to be streamed. Sure, day one exclusives aren't offered, but PS4 has so many exclusives no sane person could honestly expect Sony to include them. Microsoft can do it because they hardly have any.

Abriael, i like your contributions to this site, but don't give me that "praise Microsoft for the innovation that is the Netflix of gaming". You're better than that, man. Sony introduced this idea years ago and unfortunately, like they often are, they were too far ahead of the curve. If anything PSNow was more like Netflix because it launched as a streaming service while Game Pass did not. These company endorsed catchphrases need to go, "the Netflix of gaming" as if Microsoft started the idea. Foh.

Switch is very successful, yes. The Switch is also extremely creative, as Nintendo always is, but perhaps you oversell the innovation. It's basically a repurposed Nvidia Shield largely supported by Wii U ports and old multiplats. It has a dock that bumps the resolution from 720 to 900/1080. It's very cool, quite creative, but not as innovative as some make it out to be. Through in the archaic network Nintendo supports it with and it only adds to my point. I have nothing against the Switch, it certainly deserves more attention than the XB1, but it often seems like people view Nintendo through rose colored glasses. From recycled games, to high prices, bad networks, and bad policies. People seem to gloss over the bad and overplay the good.

It's interesting seeing the year in review articles these past couple of years. You'd think Nintendo was leading the industry with Microsoft coming on strong, about to takeover.

Abriael1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

@IamTylerDurden: I didn't claim Game Pass is particularly innovative. But PlayStation Now was and in part still is pretty much an unwieldy mess. For the longest time a lot of people couldn't even use it because their internet wasn't good enough.

Game pass launched with simple premise, simple pricing, and few caveats, exactly like Netflix. People like simple, so it gets the attention, deservedly so.

Again, the Shield isn't really a console and launched with mixed messaging and not-so-sleek presentation. Nintendo launched a full-fledged console based on hybrid portability, simple functionality, sleek presentation, and very few caveats. It isn't shocking that this approach is seen as much more desirable.

I too favor a broad and diverse games lineup, and there PS4 wins (even if Sony seems to be bent on killing off part of that diversity with stupid censor-happy policies lately), but gotta give credit where due.

IamTylerDurden11738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )


You can get PSNow for 9.99 per month or 79.99 for the year, atm. That comes to roughly $6 per month for almost 300 PS4 games and over 700 total games. That is "genuinely a great deal" wouldn't you say?

It's unfortunate that people still have a poor impression of PSNow. The program has dramatically improved since its inception. It now offers a large library of PS4 games and the ability to download select games. The overall selection is massive and the current deals being offered are phenomenal, yet all i hear about is Game Pass and the one-in-a-million idea that Microsoft had. Journalists like yourself should illuminate the dark masses on the new truth that is PSNow. It's a good program and a good deal. Now go enlighten the world through your journalistic excellence.