F.E.A.R. – What The Hell Happened To It?

A tale of two developers and two plans.

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Garethvk1620d ago

I remember that the big issue was around Sierra as they had the name F.E.A.R. and Monolith had the characters. They went into the sequel not being able to use the name F.E.A.R. and thankfully reached and agreement in time to use it at launch but they were looking at continuing the series without the name while Sierra was going to be making new games with the title that were unrelated to the games Monolith were doing.

PhantomS421620d ago

FEAR was so fun. I even enjoyed three even though it was a clear step-down, the multiplayer mode F*cking RUN! Had the best name and was fun. I would love a Remaster trilogy. This and Resistance are the two last gen games I really would love to see brought to PS4.

Yui_Suzumiya1620d ago

Hell yes .. Condemned 3 while they're at it


I wish Monolith made Condemned 3! That series and FEAR were creepy as hell!

AuraAbjure1620d ago

Condemned 1 and 2 were creepy as hell. Loved 'em!

AuraAbjure1620d ago

Fear 1 campaign and multiplayer aka Fear Combat were so fun! Fear combat was really intense and had a great flow after they updated it and made it free for all, and making it so after getting a kill you could take some much needed health by stepping over their corpse. The slow no effect in multiplayer was so empowering and SUPER humiliating when you got taken down anyway by someone was slowed down.

Skankinruby1620d ago

Alma is still the most effective horror villain, the glitchy screens when she was close were awesome

Hungryalpaca1620d ago

FEAR 3 happened. It went from FEAR to a generic shooter.

Gwiz1620d ago

Yeah,the first game released prior to the Call of Duty Boom (let's be honest here it really took off with CoD4)
Fear 2 already had no chance of reaching that crowd with very challenging A.I.

Profchaos1620d ago

Fear 2 was one of the last satisfying fps games that felt like an accomplishment to beat

Gwiz1620d ago


Well I don't even have an issue with the 2nd game but there was no way it would be similar to the first game.

isarai1620d ago

Just started making weird decisions, FEAR was amazing, FEAR 2 had lessened AI and everyone was fitted with explosive tanks for whatever reason but it was still good, and then there's FEAR 3, or im sorry F3AR

Gwiz1620d ago

The year of the 3,man it's crazy how many third installments released that year. (2011)

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