The Last of Us: Part II Devs Explain Friendly Competition With Other Sony Studios Helps them Improve

Naughty Dog is hard at work on The Last of Us: Part II and John Sweeney and Arne Meyer talk about cooperative competition with other Sony Studios.

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NarutoFox55d ago

"Asked whether a sense of rivalry exists even among Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide studios, Meyer explained that a degree of competition does exist, but it’s cooperative competition rather than rivalry. If another Sony studio achieves something wonderful, they can be asked “how did you do this?” and they will provide that information."

That's awesome. Can't wait for TLOU2

UCForce55d ago

These Sony First Party Studio love to compete themselves. Now that’s a good fight.

piroh55d ago

They are in different league so who else they have to compete with?

MoshA55d ago

It's not like multiplatform, indie, microsoft or nintendo devs can compete with Sony studios anyway lol.

UCForce54d ago

These Sony First Party Studio can learn each other and compete against each other’s. Like I said, it’s a good fight.

YodaCracker54d ago

Nintendo has the two highest rated games of this gen with a 97 on Metacritic (Odyssey and BOTW). The only other dev with games scoring that high is Rockstar. Both GTA V and RDR2 have a 97.

Hardiman55d ago

It's incredible what these studios have accomplished thus far. With each game the bar just goes higher. I can't imagine what they will deliver in the coming years!

ClayRules201255d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Yeah, It’s really incredible. And it’s a testament to the passion, respect, and love that these studios have for their craft. They just continue, as you said “With each game the bar just goes higher” and they all strive to deliver the best experiences they possibly can, while having fun competition with their fellow friends in the other Sony studios.

I look at The Order: 1885, DriveClub Infamous: Second Son, and Uncharted 4 and go “My gosh, how’re these developers creating such fun/ games with these gorgeous/stunning worlds, with these engrossing stories and great/believable can’t get better” only to see & play the likes of Guerrilla Games crown jewel/masterpiece Horizon: Zero Dawn (the world is the closest I’ve seen to capturing anything visually close to James Cameron’s Avatar, with their stunning use of colors, insanely dense foliage and strikingly beautiful lighting system. To Sony Santa Monica’s new & refreshing brilliant take on the God of War series, with Kratos and Atreus. Phenomenal character detail here, along with the world. You feel like a total bad*** as Kratos, at least I did. Another masterpiece. To Quantic Dreams best game to date “in my opinion” Detroit: Become Human remarkable & emotional experience. The options of choices and ways things can change is insane & so fun to see. I still see things I’ve not seen that people post on Instagram. To Insomniacs great and solid first attempt at “in my opinion” the best Spider-Man game ever. Silky smooth animations, beautiful NYC that feels alive, and swinging, it’s a complete joy to experience. So relaxing to me. it’s all just really astonishing what these developers have accomplished so far.

Now with 2019 - 2020 in the distance and Days Gone. Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima, and The Last of Us 2 coming is just mind blowing.

Hardiman55d ago (Edited 54d ago )

You summed up exactly what I was thinking prior to commenting. Those earlier PS4 titles were incredible and at that time felt like "it can't get better than this " but it has and at this point the skies the limit.

Just look at Second Son and compare that to Ghosts. Sure they have different art styles but the presentation and level of detail is second to none! The world is dripping with atmosphere and I can only imagine what it'll be like exploring that island.

I'm curious to see how SP elevates the open world genre because GG delivered the most visually arresting game I've ever played and it was so much fun!

Yes I did feel like a badass playing GOW and man did that story impact me! It's my game of the gen thus far. Insomniac's Spider-Man is my favorite version of that universe! I grew up reading the comic and they did so much fan service in that game ! Detroit was another pleasant surprise because I figured it'd be good because I loved Cage's last three games but his team really delivered their masterpiece!

I have no idea what Death Stranding will wind up being but it looks incredible and Kojima is a genius game developer so I'm down. TLOU2 I believe will The something all it's own and will probably deliver the finest this generation has seen!

ClayRules201254d ago

Haha, similar thoughts, that’s cool. The skies truly the limit.

Yeah, the difference in detail and scope with Ghost is really shocking & had me in disbelief when it shows the character walking in the demo up to the ledge with the beautiful field in view & background, to the fight in the end of the demo with the leaves and lighting.

So glad to hear you had fun with HZD. And yeah, visually, nothing like it. Guerrilla Games Decima Engine is something special. I see why Kojima chose that for Death Stranding. I’m lost on what that game will be too. But I trust the man.

Glad to hear you enjoyed Detroit as well. Loved HR & Beyond (although beyond interactive wise, took a few steps for from HR for me, the story in Beyond was told with good writing and remarkable performances from Ellen Paige and Willem Dafoe and the rest of the cast

So glad to hear the story in God of War impacted you! It did for me as well. My favorite game of this gen so far too.

I never was into comic books growing up, but I’m sure the fans who did really appreciated some of what Insomniac added & did for the game. Glad you did.

TLoU 2 is gonna be something else entirely. I expect ND’s usual pediagree of genius oozing all over this game. I do believe, based on the E3 demo that it’ll be better (from a gameplay perspective) than the original game. Story’s wise, I have faith in Neil, Naughty Dog and the cast specifically (Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson) with their performances in the original game being raw, brutal, honest, and just perfection “in my opinion” I know Neil said their will be some who don’t like this sequel, and all they can do is be true to the story and these characters and just be okay with some people not being pleased with it. Hope I’m not one of those who’ll be disappointed lol. Ugh. You enjoy the first Last of Us?

l33t_haxx0r54d ago

Why don't you guys just get a room

Hardiman54d ago

Like many TLOU means so much to me! The story is probably one of the greatest and it uses "invisible ink" perfectly and that's why it resonates so much I believe. When me or my wife hear just a few chords of the theme we look at each other and smile! I have friends who write and I recommend it to this day, especially if they aren't gamers because it's just a wonderful piece of storytelling.

I think it's great Neil is going with the story instead of forcing it to where he thinks it should. He's probably right that some want like where it goes but I think that just reiterates that it's in the right hands.

BlaqMagiq155d ago

This friendly competition will continue to create the best games this gen and next gen. Kudos to all Sony studios.

ClayRules201254d ago

Indeed it will.
I genuinely hope Microsoft can learn from Sony and start allowing their studios (honestly not sure how many they have, but I hear they’ve bought some new ones) and just allow them the creative freedom to take risks, and let these developers get those creative juices flowing, amazing things can happen, as is proof with Sony’s first party studios and their respected games.

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