How to Avoid Fallout 3 From Locking Up

So some of you may have seen this coming, but much like Oblivion, Fallout 3 will lock up from time to time. Check out Xbox Evolved's article for a solution to this really annoying problem.

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PirateThom3641d ago

Is this game bug ridden on every platform?

aceitman3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

does not lock up neither did oblivion even though ps3 looked sharper than the 360 did i cant c y developers just cant make games so everyone can enjoy a freezing lock up game so everyone can enjoy the same experience and quality

ud3641d ago

You look kinda dumb now that we learned that the 360 version locks up eh?... MAJORLOL

mikeslemonade3641d ago

Lockups are usually the first sign of failing hardware of your 360. I'd happily play a slightly more inferior version than one that can ruin your machine and then you have to wait a couple weeks.

Liquid Dust3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

Fallout 3 bugs, Fable II glitches, Bioshock PS3 BigdaddyTextures/1080pWhiteBar s, can't anybody make a complete game anymore without patching it a month down the road???

I miss the PS2 days when devs were forced to have the game bugless since they couldnt release patches.

y0haN3641d ago

Forget the PS2 days I miss the SNES days when things were completely bugless..

PirateThom3641d ago

Heh, SNES games weren't completely bug free either. No games are, but it seems this gen (due to harddrives and online) are plagued with real game ruining glitches because they can get the product out on time and patch later.

ud3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

Some games still had a couple.. But some were actually fun! I remember playing WWF RAW on SNES and there was some CRAZY / FUNNY AS HELL bug but it required 2 players.

When somebody would grab a player, the other player had to go out of the ring and pick up a chair and do a small hit on the player that was still grabbing. He fell down, but the computer that was grabbing him was somehow STILL grabbing the player that fell down. So that player had to go up on the ropes and the other player that hit him with the chair just had to run into him to make him fall OFF the ring.

At that moment there was a GREY Textured guy that looked like SGT Slaughter (Old school Hulk Hogan enemy) that appeared OUT OF NOWHERE and started smacking people in the face LOL!!!!

I wonder if somebody else ever saw this bug, but man that was hilarious.

On a second note (I know my post is long) EA Sports bugs are just SO FUNNY sometimes, I played NHL09 and yesterday night I just lobbed the puck at the goaltender, he grabbed it for a second and then i poke checked him and I scored. When the Celebration Cut-scene appeared, The Goaltender jumped in my player's arms ROFL!!!! Can you imagine celebrating an other team's goal? I laughed for 10 minutes straight.

ThanatosDMC3640d ago

For PC tweaking. Go to the ini files inside the user folder then double the amount of ram available. Everything runs even smoother with less streaming if you do try to find loading faults like i did.

Also, double the cell buffer thing. I basically copied how to tweak Oblivion.

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Jayfatyboombaty3641d ago

It will be on every single game, because every single game was shipped out of the same place. This happens in Oblivion also, but this isnt a very serious bug. My gf has been playing the game the past 2 weeks and it happened to her twice. It has happened to me once. In total we have played for over 60 hours (I know were losers).

DailyAddict3641d ago

Yea, I'm having problems with Fable 2 laggin and locking up from time to time. Good tips.

kevnb3641d ago

I've had all kinds of cache problems with various games, the worst being when I had to reformat the hdd and start over to play through Dead Rising. Yes I tried clearing the cache and deleting my gamesave, I actually had to format the hdd to go outside in Dead Rising again. Im glad im not playing games on the 360 anymore.

ActionBastard3641d ago

Someone let IGN know they should deduct .2 from the 360 review. Issues aplenty for both!

On a serious note: This is becoming more and more common, which is disheartening to say the least. I remember the days when you could buy a game on Day 1 at it worked as expected. Memories...

jackhammer063641d ago

that was when Game developers were interested in making a good game/........not maximising profits for themselves.....

kevnb3641d ago

but I remember even small games on the nes that had major bugs.

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