GamerScoreBlog: Fallout Returns

KevinU of Microsoft's GamerScoreBlog writes:

"This is the first title to support Games for Windows – LIVE since we made it a free gaming service, and I can't think of a better title to launch with. As you will see soon, we have some exciting updates just around the corner. Updates that we believe will help make your PC gaming experience even better, including a marketplace to let you download more content for your games, a completely redesigned in-game experience built just for the PC, and more. These changes are the result of our focus in building a service PC gamers will love, and your input plays a big part. We've been listening."

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dxmnecro4656d ago

I miss the days of free DLC.

JustinSaneV24656d ago

Shoot, I miss the days when games came with all of the content on the disc/cartridge to begin with...

dachiefsman4655d ago

interesting to see what kind of content will be released.