The video game industry is heading for massive upheaval, and nobody is safe

Between the advent of "Fortnite," the great battle between Epic Games, Steam, and Android, and the rise of streaming, no incumbent is safe in the video game industry.

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kalkano997d ago

I've said it before, and I'll say it again:

The day I cannot own a copy of a game, and do whatever the hell I want with either the physical copy or the installation files (DRM-Free), is the day I become a 100% retro-gamer.

chris235996d ago

enjoy your tantrums while others just don‘t care about the illusion of owning something or not.

Segata996d ago

Enjoy being a sucker who let's corps manipulate you.

Xx_Pistol_xX996d ago

Illusion. Could you elaborate? Please tell me how physical is an illusion?

nix996d ago

i think with the advent of 5G coming in the next two years or so... streaming could even be the next thing because going by what we've heard about 5G - one can connect seamlessly to hundreds of applications/products. Hell we can even stream VR games online with hundreds of others at the same time.

Of course, it won't happen in the beginning of the next gen because to make 5G happen in any city the entire city will have to be rigged with transformers almost every 100 meters... it might hit few city in the developed countries and then by the beginning of next next gen... streaming might just be the norm.

As for the ownership of games, i used to have 90% percentage of physical discs last gen, this gen... i only have 1 game on disc. 99.999999% is all digital. I really used to be one of those disc lovers but i've moved on. I'm sure people surely will too.

WilliamSheridan996d ago

I'll elaborate for you. The illusion of ownership with the physical copy is a false one since you are still just a license holder and most of the game downloads during the installs. Many discs are unplayable, and when digital copies are non functional, so shall the physical copies

Jojosuperstar996d ago (Edited 996d ago )

What a laughable comment based on pompous emotional argument. Nah man the only child hear throwung tantrums here is you :). You just cant accept the fact that physical owners are smarter and have way more rights than you. Get over that objective fact and move on darling ;).

William we dont need children to elaborate on an adult subject. Its obvious why you turned off replies because your delusional arguments are easily destroyed. If you lose your account all ur digital games are gone. Fact. I wont kid because i have physical :). Fact. 99% of disks are completely playable (unlike ur fictional statement) and no you dont need to download anything other than the day one patch, which again, applies to both digital and physical. Any other delusional arguments i need to destroy? No? Get back to ur delusions then. Ill smile knowing i own my games, can play them in any other playstation, and will never lose them. You, on the other hand....well good luck!

obidanshinobi996d ago

Wow. They got you good didn't they.


Dragonscale996d ago (Edited 996d ago )

Seems others do care and is why xbone flopped at the start of this gen. Some people have short memories.

Artemidorus996d ago

Deluded failure talk. You sound like you enjoy paying for nothing.

PapaBop996d ago (Edited 996d ago )

"Illusion of owning something" I think you just described the digital gaming industry.

bellome996d ago

Enjoy your sodomization.

Shikoku996d ago

Nice! Yeah go ahead give up those rights for nothing tard.

Gwiz996d ago

He doesn't mean owning the IP,i don't think anyone ever had that illusion lol.

FloydianAndroid996d ago

Do you have a brain? Not everyone wants all thier media in “the cloud” I get that you were.born in the age of thinking twitter and Facebook were essential to human survival, but some people want to own what they pay for. It would be one thing if digital was less expensive, but if I’m gonna pay 60 bucks for a game I’d like to have the packaging and the disc. That is all.

Xx_Pistol_xX996d ago

1-Being a license holder still allows you to play the game on the platform when you want online or offline . This is still different than the DRM that is linked to every download of an online purchase. No one actually thinks they own the game.

2-The PS4 & Switch can all install their games without an internet connection. (If I'm not mistaken even the Xbox only needs an internet connection once out the box.)

3-Many games are unplayable????What are you talking about?????

AdmGenAladeen996d ago

Enjoy your illusions of owing something when you will NEVER OWN S*IT when you buy it digitally. It can and probably will someday be taken from you. Enjoy being that corporate slave. It's people like you that lay down for these corporations and let them shovel half baked bs out there only to patch them later with 6 months worth of stupid patches. I guess that's the difference between the new generation and people who grew up gaming without all this needless digital patching. I swear reading some of these comments that some people are just spineless.

SixFragz996d ago

you sound like an illusion

The Wood996d ago

I have friends and family who I lend and sell to. Physical is still a worthy option for me. I do both and wouldn't want to be restricted to just one or the other.

996d ago
TheHan995d ago

This guy 👆 must be a Democrat lol.

Potnoodle999995d ago

Haha another one who massively underestimates just how many gamers agree with this opinion. Guessing your one of the ones who was shouting the same thing five years ago.... look how that turned out! 😂 so hilarious.

Anyway I agree, the console maker who makes everything online only with drm everywhere can go to hell. The people have spoken before and we will do so again and they will fall flat on their face AGAIN. You cannot tell consumers what they SHOULD want. The consumers decide in all cases and in no way can you ever pull the wool over our eyes. Lol at these execs that think they can.

LamerTamer995d ago (Edited 995d ago )

Not everyone has uber stellar internet connections like you either. Many have data caps, many have less than top end speeds, hell some don't even have internet. As next gen get bigger with 4K content I don't want to wait days for a 100+ GB game to download. HDD or console failure and you need to re-download TB s of games?

Also not everyone likes to just rent either.

blank_keys995d ago

chris235 is correct. Everyone here is mad lmao. Not one person in this thread will become a so called “retro-gamer”. You will all be playing the current consoles and games that are out, the same way you troglodytes do with the PS4 which has no BC like Xbox One but you all somehow justify PS Now where you pay $20 a week to struggle stream. And don’t get me started on censored games. So cut it out with the fake madness.

sampsonon995d ago (Edited 995d ago )

Excuse them, for they are like children.
They whine and complain all the time. Matter of fact? i don't think they even play games, they just buy the cd's to put on a shelf to stare at while they look online for something else to whine about.

the industry is being destroyed by these children.
gamers are either 1. Just play games and could care less about the day to day practices of the industry 2. Come to these sites to see what's new in the industry 3. Woman hating racist that want to spew their hatred. And 4. people that think they're entitled to have everything the way they want it.
There is nothing in between.

Why aren't people complaining about musical cd's anymore?
Because you can't win when it comes to evolution.

indysurfn994d ago

The one that don't care is the one that is falling for an illusion that they own something.

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XtaZ996d ago

You and everyone else who make that statement are never going to follow through with it and we all know it.

annoyedgamer996d ago

I already Don't buy PC games despite having a gaming PC because I refuse to use Steam.

Cobra951996d ago (Edited 996d ago )

It's an exaggeration on his part, I think. But what is clear is that gamers like him and like me won't accept Netflix-like streaming. I'm confident there will always be locally running alternatives, even if they become less popular. That is where I'll always be. It includes retro, a hefty backlog of more recent games, and whatever else comes in physical or download form in the future.

996d ago
darthv72996d ago

They talk the talk but hardly ever walk the walk. Like all those celebrities who said they would leave the country if Trump was elected.

yomfweeee996d ago

I'm old enough nowadays that I can leave gaming behind if I chose to and my kids can't get anything.

My problem with digital is pricing being higher and the inability to trade. If they get greedy and force their stores to be used, it will be the end for me as well.

gangsta_red995d ago


💯% agreed.

It's like the times where we all read no one would pay to play online. That was instantly swept under the rug when not only Sony adopted it but now Nintendo.

If all three adopt all digital, there's really nothing we can do about this. And saying I'll quit gaming is admirable but definitely not a reality.

LamerTamer995d ago (Edited 995d ago )


Microsoft said the same thing with the xbone. It is always online and requires a kinect to be on, no exceptions, there is nothing you can do about it # dealwithit. Until everyone pre-ordered the PS4 instead. I guess after that there is something we CAN do, just don't buy it. If all three do it don't upgrade and keep your PS4 XB1 etc. Now I know that won't happen because gamers have almost zero self control, but it is in the consumers hands if we want.

indysurfn994d ago

Actually Kalango is not a douchbag sellout. He will not sell out to RENTING TO NEVER OWN. That's a business model meant for a fool. How many people can play ALL their digital copies of Last gens digital xbox 360? I sold my xbox 360 to a family member and they can't play all the digital games anymore.

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n1kki6996d ago

So you stopped gaming about two years ago?

n1kki6996d ago

A disc is just a physical DRM at this point. The game installs to your hard drive and you use your disc as a physical license to access the content. It's been that way for years. The only difference between digital and physical at this point is people assumption that the disc isn't DRM, which is just moronic at this stage.

FunAndGun996d ago

You can still sell a physical disc right? Can you sell your digital copy? .....that is the only difference that matters.

XtaZ996d ago

@FunAndGun. One of the features of Microsoft's original Xbox One plans was going to let you resell digital copies, but none of you wanted any of that.

Goldby996d ago

and another "feature" was if you couldn't connect to their servers, you couldn't even play said physical or digital game....

none of us wanted that

n1kki6996d ago

and look at where we are, no you still need to connect to servers because games never ship complete. Go ahead and try to play spyro off the disc, or any game in the last 3 years. I don't really ever sell my games, but even so, the digital prices during sales are so cheap, and resale on games is garbage, I don't really see a need unless you are buying a game, beating it and selling in the first 2 weeks. If that is the case you might as well just use redbox or gamefly.

XtaZ996d ago (Edited 996d ago )

@Goldby. Yeah you could as long as you did a quick online check-in every 24 hours. After that you could take your console completely offline for the next 24 hours and play all your physical and digital games like normal.

Xx_Pistol_xX995d ago

-Physical can be bought outside of the platform holders store.
-Can be traded or sold.
-No company is crazy enough to lock physical content. There are many downloadable games that the same can't be said for. Remember PT.
-If you locked out of the platform holders network you can still play physical games. Locked out with all digital say goodbye to all your content.

Potnoodle999995d ago

Honestly not even sure why anyone would want always online. Imagine if their network was hacked and went Down for a week or two. If that happened now it would be no big deal. But with always online that would be a disaster for everyone and the company would be a laughing stock. It would be an absolute shambles😂😂

LamerTamer995d ago

That is a dumb comment and the result is WAY different. If I have the disc I can use anywhere on any console at any time and not have to go online to ask some overlord's permission. I can sell it, lend it, keep it, knowing it will still work in 10 years as a "retro game" even if the console I originally bought it for is broken and replaced. With the disc I control when and where I play it, with online the publisher decides for me.

LamerTamer995d ago


Why should I have to through the hassle to go online "check in" with someone else just to use games I bought? You think that is good? It is like having to ask your mommy before playing a game, I guess you are used to that.

XtaZ995d ago


This "hassle" as you put it was literally you just turning on the console and the online check-in was automated in the background so you wouldn't have even noticed it happening. So strange that you find that a hassle but you don't mind the hassle of travelling to the store, buying the game, travelling back home or wait for it to arrive in the mail if you purchased it online, unwrap it, take it out of the case, place it in the disc drive, swapping discs when you wanna play something else, placing them back in their case so they don't scratch, place them in the shelves and take them back out when you want to replay them...

In addition physical discs also have a limited lifespan and some of the earlier disc based games on the market like Sega CD are notorious for failing now due to disc rot and corrupt data layers. Some PS1/2 collectors have also started reporting unplayable discs despite no obvious damages to the disc so basically if you want to keep your discs functioning for as long as possible you'll have to take sunlight, temperatures, humidity, dust build-up and physical contact with the disc's surface into consideration, and even then your disc's probably won't last your entire lifetime.

Realistically your old consoles will completely die long before your discs do and the laser is most likely to fail first so have fun with the hassle of repurchasing replacement consoles or spare parts to maintain your ability to play those discs because eventually future consoles will ditch CD-roms altogether and physical BC won't be possible. Too bad you didn't go digital and could have just downloaded and played your games on your Xbox Three, PS6 and Nintendo Switcharoo instead.

"Buh- buh- but turning on my console for a automated online check-in is such a hassle! *sobs* " - LamerTamer

You stupid fuck.

Clunkyd995d ago

@n1KKi6 Please educate yourself about reselling games.

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chiefJohn117996d ago (Edited 996d ago )

Not gonna let somethings like DRM stop me from playing mk11 and gta6, etc. I can understand being upset but if you're a gamer and you have the accessibility and it isn't anymore expensive, why is any of this stopping you from playing these games? There's things you can do to show support of disk based content and they'll likely listen but I don't a reason to stop gaming as whole. It's like complaining about a game that's exclusive to another platform. Either buy into the platform or be quiet

kalkano996d ago

Platform? What the hell do I care what platform it's on? It's about OWNERSHIP. I'm not going to pay $60 for what is basically a long-term rental. Basically, keep your fingers off of my property, so that I can play it any time I want, with no internet connection required, or I'm out. That's exactly what this is all about for these publishers. They want to control your property, for their own financial gain. I say screw that. Not interested.

conanlifts995d ago

I agree to some extent. The only difference is I like the gamepass model. If I could subscribe to a service like gamepass and get access to every game I want, and more, for that fee then I don't mind that model. But if I buy a game I want to physically own it.

LamerTamer995d ago

That is fine as an OPTION. When that becomes the only way to get content no thanks. Not everyone wants to rent only or have a hundred different services to have to pay for.

neomahi995d ago (Edited 995d ago )

Uh.... Yup. Agreed 100% DLC and Microtransactions are a joke. It's just a way to pick your pocket. People need to learn to be patient and wait for a sequel, instant gratification has always proven to destroy. "Good things come to those who wait". Keep letting Microsoft pick your pocket and they'll continue to have no respect for you. Put your foot down and make them earn your money, they'll respect you and give you a quality product where now, they're robbing you blind with no remorse. All these indie games, we're in the 4K generation now, there's no reason to have games looking like SNES and Genesis games, developers are taking advantage of people doing as little of work as possible and capitalizing on their investment, bull! In my opinion, indie games shouldn't be developed on consoles. Development them for mobile and handhelds. If I were promoting my console, I'd market it as a console, where the big boys play. Let indies develop and make their money on PC and have handhelds for indies, then make games that push consoles to their limits, not barely get them off the couch.

SugarSoSweet995d ago

Well said, nice to see some gamers still have some self pride and dignity left.....

sampsonon995d ago (Edited 995d ago )

And I'll be playing state of the art AAA games in 4k at 60fps.
But hey, i respect your passion.

Vasto995d ago

yea, sure you will. /SMH

Profchaos995d ago

You'd better dust off your crt real quick because it's mostly a reality already even single player games come unpolished and require bugs to be smoothed out with patches

ILostMyMind995d ago

Translating: "I pirate games."

kalkano995d ago

Is it "piracy" if you paid for a legitimate copy? I think not.

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997d ago Replies(3)
IamTylerDurden1996d ago

Scary times, luckily there is still a market for SP games and physical media. But the Battle Royale, GaaS, digital future is inevitable. Sea of Thieves, Fallout 76, RDR Online. Some of the worst experiences of the year inspired by greed, and this is only the beginning. Microsoft, EA, Activision, Ubisoft, even R* and Bethesda.

Godmars290996d ago

No they are not inevitable. Or rather, they are not what the industry will solely be.

King_Noctis996d ago

Sea of Thieves have zero microtransaction, so why is it in there?

Shikoku996d ago

Hahaha cause it's garbage

IamTylerDurden1996d ago (Edited 996d ago )

I don't care how long Rare spent on SoT, but i do care that Microsoft shipped a $60 free to play. SoT was originally developed as a vehicle for MTs, former Rare devs even discussed the fact that MTs were supposed to be a foundation of the game. Then EA happened and Microsoft had no choice but to pull back. So they announced that MTs would launch 3 months after launch. Then, SoT launches to terrible reviews and widespread criticism. Rare was forced to add fluff to the game in attempt to rectify the lack of content rather than implement their MT program. MTs will likely come early 2019 and the game was designed with MTs as a foundation, it just so happens that Battlefront 2 threw a wrench into those plans.

Maybe SoT is such a bad game because they created the financial model before the actual game? Perhaps they were more concerned with creating GaaS software than actual compelling content? Traditionally you have a great creative idea and then figure out a way to monetize it, not the other way around. However, i can see how working for Microsoft would influence this greatly so i honestly point the blame at the publisher more than i do Rare.

I understand that Rare has been adding content to the game, but the lack of content issue was just "a" problem, not "the" problem. It's great that there's more content, but the game at its foundation is still bad. Unless Rare completely revamps combat, quest structure, progression, and adds numerous different enemy types you are just adding more bad content.

Sea of Thieves was originally built on the idea of greed and even though the EA fiasco forced them to make a 9th inning switch the base game design choices were still influenced by it and the game was terrible because of it. Rare and Microsoft wanted to sell people a $60 free to play and no amount of backtracking can change that. Yes, Sony screwed up royally at launch with GTS, but it took a few months to make the game great, SoT is still bad. Tbh, GTS is a game built around competition, it was never supposed to be a traditional GT game. But the game wasn't designed around greed, it was designed to elevate the genre. Regardless, GTS was excellent in every facet other than content and that was rectified soon after launch. Both Sony and MS screwed up with their games, but the sins of Rare led to a disaster of game.

ILostMyMind995d ago (Edited 995d ago )

You strive to believe in Microsoft. Sea of ​​Thieves does not have microtransactions because it was a failure and Microsoft had to shift its focus to not burn out its new goal, Game as a Service.

aconnellan996d ago

What part of Sea of Thieves was inspired by greed? It’s a new IP they spent years making.

Content or no at launch, I don’t see how spending years developing a new IP, and building it out with free major content updates after launch is greedy

DaDrunkenJester996d ago

Also considering it has 0 MT's, I'm not sure what's greedy about it.