The Final Wii U Games We'd Like To See On Switch In 2019

What’s left to loot from the wreckage of Wii U?

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kingtroy848d ago

Just give me Mario maker plz...

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King_Noctis848d ago (Edited 848d ago )

The only one that I want to see ported to the Switch is Wind Waker HD.

RosweeSon848d ago

Zelda HD Collection me thinks I also think Pikmin 3 will likely be bundled in as a bonus with Pikmin 4

Kainbrightside848d ago

Why not go all out Zelda HD, Pikmin HD trilogy, Metroid Prime HD trilogy, and Luigi's Mansion HD trilogy

RosweeSon847d ago

Whilst I agree Pikmin 1/2 been rereleased before for Wii from GameCube but I don’t see why 3 couldn’t be bundled with 4 Metroid trilogy would sure make sense and Zelda HD collection yes please.
Luigis mansion would also be a cool trilogy think it’ll prob just be 3 tho guess we’ll see just want some wave race f zero pilotwings excitebike and 1080 snowboarding ;)

SegaGamer848d ago

Just port every exclusive, they may as well. The games aren't bad, it was the console that was the problem.

King_Noctis848d ago

Or make a WiiU Virtual Console for the Switch. Either way you are right, the console itself was the problem, not the games.

septemberindecember848d ago


As cool as that’d be, the games do need to be ported. Switch isn’t strong enough to emulate Wii U hardware, and it can’t run them natively.

Sgt_Slaughter848d ago (Edited 848d ago )

Porting quality Wii U titles that didn't do well (due to poor system sales) to the Switch makes 100% sense. If the PS3 had flopped hard (almost did before they turned it around), the PS4 would have gotten almost every major PS3 exclusive in the first few years, same with the Xbox. Anyone using that as a negative or to complain is beyond silly.

mcstorm848d ago

Tbh the ps4 has given us quite a lot of ps3 games. God of war, uc, lost of us, wipe out are just a few I can think of off the top of my head.

Ide love to see both Sony and Nintendo go microsoft way of Old games but it's not as simple as that. For me I enjoy seeing games redone with new graphics ect and think games the wiiu got need putting on the switch Mk8 is now the best mk game after adding battle arena, other games we have seen were also classic Nintendo games so let the wider audience on the switch play them

RosweeSon848d ago

Microsoft’s hand was forced due to sheer lack of any games so easy solution go backwards and yes it easy now hard is it to get 15 year old discs running on your current hardware not very. As for PS4 yeah they’ve done loads of PS3 ports so I don’t see why Nintendo can’t games both systems were massive and a fair old chunk of the gaming community never played them

mcstorm847d ago

RosweeSon lol at your reply love comments like this.

UFCorce848d ago

the ps3 was never doing bad. get off your high horse youre playing too much red dead evolution

RosweeSon847d ago

Having a PS3 on launch it was doing great they turned it around massively by dropping backwards compatibility and smashing out classics like the uncharted games god of war 3. Was a poor slow start but the games finally started coming then they introduced ps+ and that levelled the playing field but 360 was the console of choice at start of Gen. As I always bought both tho. PS3 was rough at the start the day1 BC was cool but yeah not many great games early doors. PS3 arguably Sony’s worst console expensive (at the start) and sold the least of all their home consoles. Still pretty cool tho just not a patch on ps2 and now PS4. Every company makes a duff console from now and again don’t PS3 (even if did still sell 85/90 million consoles, not great for them) Wii u for Nintendo and Xbox one ;)

Sgt_Slaughter847d ago

The PS3 around launch and somewhat right after it, was doing bad. Way too high of a price point (granted there was a reason for it), difficult to develop for/port over, etc. If they didn't do their magic act around 2010/2011 and skyrocket the PS3 back to the forefront of the industry, it would have trailed behind the 360 by a lot. "Get off your high horse" is a funny way of ignoring actual events. There was no bias in my comment at all, I play on all three systems and mentioned all three pretty equally. Sounds like you need to take a step back.

Teflon02848d ago

PS3 never almost flopped. Despite all the backlash, look on a year by year comparison with the successful X360, from the beginning a comparison year by year, it was always outperforming it. The year head start was the only thing making it seem otherwise. It just wasn't on par with any PS platform before it

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