What's The Next Great Vaporware Game?

Next month, Kingdom Hearts III will finally come out, which is great news for video game fans, but bad news for people who need to write punchlines about video games that never come out. It raises an interesting question: What’s the next great vaporware game?

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PhoenixUp566d ago

The next biggest vaporware obviously gotta be Final Fantasy VII Remake

bluefox755565d ago

They keep saying development is going great, you think they're lying?

PhoenixUp564d ago

I’m sure the game will come out eventually, but that still doesn’t mean it can’t be considered vaporware at the moment like the other titles in the article

IamTylerDurden1566d ago

Obviously FFVII is the popular answer, but it'll release.

DVAcme565d ago

Deep Down has been vaporware for years. But my money (not literally, I didn't crowdfund it) is on Star Citizen.

Tech5564d ago (Edited 564d ago )

Star Citizen is a MMO and has been available to download for years.

That goes to say for All PC MMOs, they will feel like Vaporware if you chose to ignore downloading or read any information of them.

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