5 Xbox games that have made us cry

Tav writes: "One of the great things about storytelling has always been the ability to evoke emotion. Films and TV series have done it for decades. To tell a story that can really mean something, even if the characters aren't real, is no mean feat. The games industry may not have been around for as long, but it has come a long way very quickly. The quality of writing, direction and acting has improved consistently over the years, leaving us with games that have moved us, and dare I say, made us cry."

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lxeasy569d ago

Mass Effect and Red Dead Redemption def made me cry.

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capjacksparrow569d ago

Can't say I've ever played a Microsoft exclusive that ever made me cry. Their multiplayer games are usually pretty good, but their stories leave something to be desired.

Spurg569d ago

If Lost odyssey's scene with lirum and kaim, Halo 4 ending or Gears 3 mid chapter didnt make you feel something, then i'm afraid you are dead inside.
Xbox has a lack of new exclusive ip but not a lack of quality exclusive.

Potnoodle999569d ago (Edited 569d ago )

Made me feel something, but could never make me cry. Mainly lost odyssey as that did have some cool moments especially those little stories of his background peppered throughout the game. Otherwise Seriously average story telling all around, but hey, when there is nothing of higher quality on the console to compare it to, I guess it seems better than it is. Buy a PlayStation 3/4 and you will experience real storytelling. (If you haven’t already) TLOU, H:ZD, Detroit and GOW are my faves of recent memory and can’t wait for more to come. Bloodborne too but that of course is a different type of storytelling and may not be for everyone. Nothing on Microsoft’s hardware even comes close and it’s a real shame that some people haven’t realised that yet

Profchaos569d ago

Gears 3 mid chapter was nothing compared to 2

cooperdnizzle569d ago

Gears story is so corny. Haha you’re brain cells may be dead inside

capjacksparrow569d ago (Edited 569d ago )

I couldn't care to play past Gears 1 or Halo 2. The storytelling in their games aren't good. Gameplay is well done, sure, but as I've gotten older I need more than gameplay to push me through a game (especially when there are so many out there). I'm not dead inside, there are a few games that have made me feel something, and fewer that have made me tear up. I regard those as some of my favorite games.
Microsoft just so happens to not have produced any of the titles I'm thinking of.

capjacksparrow569d ago

And also, I never got to play Lost Odyssey because my Xbox 360 died for a second time before I got to it. Mind you, I had only played Bioshock, Mass Effect 1/2, Fable 2, and some of Blue Dragon on it. Died twice, 5 games. I decided to stop buying games for it. Passed on the One this gen, good decision so far. Literally nothing that has jumped out at me. I'm eyeing that Switch though.

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AK91569d ago

I’m not going to count any of these since all are playable on PS3, but damn man Lost Odyssey still gives me feels to this day.

Kiwi66569d ago (Edited 569d ago )

Halo Reach was never on PS3 or any PS console

TeamIcoFan569d ago

Makes you wonder why the fuck Halo Reach isn't on this list.
Bad list.

Kiwi66569d ago (Edited 569d ago )

Ok so for those who didn't read the article here is their list
#5 The walking dead season 1
#4 Red dead redemption
#3 Bioshock Infinite
#2 Halo Reach
#1 Mass effect trilogy
So take a look at what #2 is and read where #ak91 said "I'm not
going to count any of any of these since all are playable on ps3" so i stated a fact that no halo game has ever been on a ps console which anyone would know if they bothered to do some research

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