WARNING: All Fallout 3 Players Must Read - Bug with the Save System

Apparently there is a bug in the save system for Fallout 3. Gameplayer has identified the bug and written this article which reveals how players of the game can avoid getting caught out by it. Don't worry, there are no spoilers.

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SlappingOysters4275d ago

I wonder why they did that?

Hopefully they will change that in a patch or something.

riddlesticks4274d ago

i don't get it... does this mean that when i complete the main quest, there is nothing more i can do? i can't go about (like in oblivion) and do side quests etc...?

solidt124274d ago

I plan on making a new save file every hour or so.

Twizlex4274d ago

That doesn't sound like a bug at all. It sounds like if you don't want the game to end, don't do the last quest. How is that a bug with the save system?

Pain4274d ago

insted u patch it and ill play LBP till then...K?

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blu3print4275d ago

sound like a bug to me, sounds like that it is how it was designed

Steve5194274d ago

no, this is not a bug, this is a title meant to get hits. Its the way the game is made, duh, you beat the game and its over, how is that a bug??

SlappingOysters4274d ago

I guess they are reporting it as a flaw in the game. As in a bug... like A.I getting stuck on an object.

I would call it a flaw rather than a bug, either way I am thankfull for the tip as I get my hands on the game in about 24hrs - woot!!

Diamondwolf4274d ago

Definately trying to garnish hits on the site. End of the month maybe?

most RPGs (especially the Final Fantasy Series) have always had the "do all your sidequests and whatever else before you enter that area" and once you enter, you have no access back out to do anything but beat the game.

That's how it works with most of them. Veteran RPG'ers should always know to keep multiple saves (although that bit me in the ass on Uncharted trophies bleh)

SlappingOysters4274d ago

but given that a lot of non-veteran RPGers will play this game, they should have provided a warning or something. Image how bummed you would be if you didn't save the bloody game corectly,

As a developer they cannot just assume you played RPGs for 15 years. Not to mention that the open-world RPG is kind new, the idea to go and explore more is even more apparent

No Way4274d ago

I think they are making a deal of it because of Oblivion. In Oblivion after you beat the main quest, the game didn't end..

Diamondwolf4273d ago

I see what you two are saying. I play a lot of RPGs and once you've gotten a lot of experience in something, it's hard to remember what it was like when you didn't.

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Silly Mammo4274d ago

Uh, Thanks?

I'll remember this handy tip 4 months from now when I'm finishing the game.

himdeel4274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

...I think anyone who truly wants to experience all the game has to offer is going to take a leisurely stroll through the game and not sprint through it. However it seems like those wanting to spring through the game will still end up having a lot to do with each run through.

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The story is too old to be commented.