Classic Game Developer Forced to Pull Game Source Code Auctions

Carl Williams writes, "It is a sad day when we see things like this. Al Lowe, creator of Leisure Suit Larry while at Sierra On-Line, put a few files up for auction on eBay recently. As expected, fans of Leisure Suit Larry 1 and 2 quickly made this become a “big thing” in the retro gaming community. By becoming a big deal though, the auctions caught the eye of current owner of many Sierra On-Line intellectual properties, such as Police Quest and King’s Quest to name a few. This is important because that company is Activision and they have taken legal action against Mr. Lowe in reference to those two auctions. End result, those auctions are now pulled."

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Jimboms301d ago

That's a super weird situation.

triverse301d ago

Definitely. Sadly, Mr. Lowe probably does not have the money or inclination to prove Activision wrong here in court. I am sure it would be a crap show if history has shown us anything with gaming in court.

Cobra951301d ago

It all depends on what rights were sold, and to whom. I have source code for graphical demos I wrote long ago, but I have no rights whatsoever in it. If I were to try to sell it (not that it's worth anything now), I'd lose in court against the owners of the IP.

triverse301d ago

Cobra951, according to that Facebook group, Mr. Mathews has direct contact with Mr. Lowe and it is stated, rather murkily, that Sierra On-Line only bought gold key copies of the Leisure Suit Larry games. We need information on exactly how any contracts were written between the two (Sierra On-Line, or Ken Williams then owner, and Mr. Lowe).

I agree, if Sierra On-Line purchased the rights to the games, source code included, then Mr. Lowe could easily be in the wrong no matter how much money he had for a defense. If Sierra On-Line only purchased distribution rights then Mr. Lowe could stand to win, if he was financial capable or so inclined to move forward in court. He is apparently not.

Right now, there is a lot of key information missing.

neocores8055301d ago

So after looking more into what i am seeing is he only did this for purchased distribution. So we would have to see this in court but i doubt this will happen and fuck actoshit for this. They dont even own this IP

slayernz301d ago

i still look at at those sierra games as one of my favorite eras in gaming....kings quests, police quests, colonels bequest (prob my fav ever game) had to actually play through and work out puzzles yourself as internet wasnt widely used then....nothing better than the feeling of finding some of the hidden objects and secret passages in colonels bequest....these days you get stuck its easy to search.....can still remember getting stuck on manhunter and had to write to sierra to ask for help....three weeks later got a letter with hints to help me progress lol

MWH301d ago

Today's games are grander in scale but we were the lucky ones without a doubt. Nothing compares to living and experiencing the renaissance and golden age of gaming.

Dreamcatcher45301d ago

Land of the Lounge Lizards and Police Quest (together with Alex Kidd) was the first games I have fond memories of. I remember you had to type in "read Miranda rights" in Police Quest to progress. I didn't even knew what that ment back then.

301d ago
Orionsangel301d ago

Aww that sucks. MetalJesus did a whole video on it too.

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