Best Xbox One Console Exclusives in 2018

What are the best console exclusives for Xbox One? Right now, these are.

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mikeslemonade63d ago

No exclusives because as far as I know you can get those on PC.

Gahl1k63d ago

PC is an open platform. I guess they are still exclusives as long as they are not available on other consoles.

Unspoken63d ago

Correct, exclusive to Microsoft.

rob-GP64d ago

"Best Xbox One Console Exclusives in 2018" - 13 games, 8 of which came out before 2018. Surely drop 2018 from the title of the article or at least only mention 2018 games? There must have been more than 5 which came out this year right?

knickstr64d ago

I think what they were going for was as of 2018. You're right though, that's confusing.

CobraKai64d ago

I was like WTF? I was seriously curious to see what exclusive titles were available on my $500 non 4K, non HDR, non UHD, 900p dust collector. Yeah I’m bitter over the X.

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Mr_Commander64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

xaxaxa, how they play with words.

i would like to know best xbox exclusives in 2018 :)

Snookies1264d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Ugh, Halo 5... I can't speak for Halo 4, as I never actually gave it a go. I absolutely loved the original trilogy, but Halo 5 just did nothing for me.

NarutoFox64d ago

Halo 4 had a better story and better single player experience but I can't speak on the multiplayer since I never played it.

TekoIie63d ago

Yeah there shouldn't be a 5 in the title. It should be seen as a side story that sets up Halo 5.

DasTier63d ago

4’s multiplayers was the worst in the series by far. Took way too many cues from CoD...

CobraKai64d ago

It was ok. Not great. Not bad. Just ok

letsa_go64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

The Halo games are all that is left, I believe. Everything else is on PC now. Oh also Forza Horizon 2 and Forza 5 & 6.

Unspoken63d ago

Yeah, through the Microsoft store. Amazing I only have to pay once and can play on my Xbox or my PC.

letsa_go63d ago

Except for Sunset Overdrive. Grrr. haha

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