Square Enix’s Avengers Project Director Provides Teasing Update on The "Very Ambitious Game"

Some thought Square Enix would reveal its upcoming Avengers project during The Game Awards 2018 earlier this month. But unfortunately, this wasn't the case. The show came and went, and there wasn't a single word about what Square Enix has cooking.

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NarutoFox39d ago

Is this game going to be like DC online?? I hope not

TheOtherMoon37d ago

I thought they tried that already with Marvel Heroes...did not workout too well.

Cmv3837d ago

Marvel heroes was a different and imo a better game compared to DC. But I'm a huge diablo fan so I'm completely biased. I just hope this new game is fun. Whether its like DC, marvel heroes, or something else.

sampsonon37d ago

for a free game DC online wan't bad. if they tweaked a few thing it could have been better.

alex10159437d ago

More like The Division. Open-world 3rd person cover-based RPG.

XiNatsuDragnel38d ago

I'm excited to see this result

Thatguy-31037d ago (Edited 37d ago )

I think the reason why this hasn't been shown yet is because it'll be a next Gen game. It'll probably be shown next yr if Sony does a Ps5 unveiling.

MoshA37d ago

Spiderman set a high bar for licensed games. Good luck haha.

UltraNova37d ago

True but don't forget that its one thing having to make a great game on one superhero and an entirely different thing to make a great game on an entire ensemble of superheroes. I hope Marvel made the right choice going with Square on this one.

TricksterArrow37d ago

Square has good track record with Marve/Disney, as they are responsible for Kingdom Hearts.

MoshA37d ago

Lol. Kingdom Hearts got 85 on metacritic. How do you mess up a game with creative freedom and every disney universe? Random insulting batshit crazy storyline that takes itself seriously, spam X for combat and funny level design.

EmperorDalek37d ago

Spider-Man has a Metacritic score of 87... is a 2% difference really that significant to you? Kingdom Hearts 2 got an 87 also. Stupid Sony cultist.

MoshA37d ago

That's the thing. For a game with an absurd amout of nostalgia it should get 95+ on metacritic like Nintendo games. It didn't because it flopped. The disney characters still carried it to 85 though.

PepsivsCoke36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

You don’t think getting a meta critic score of 87 is odd when the game was up for game of the year in one of the best years in gaming?

1-pwnsause-137d ago

The teaser is that it’ll be out in 2050

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