Why Hitman 2 Should Have Been Episodic

The episodic release structure for 2016’s Hitman, made the game one of the best Hitman titles in the franchise's venerable history. Here, OnlySP discusses why that decision was so brilliant, and why IO Interactive may have made a mistake in reverting back to a single release for Hitman 2.

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Myst-Vearn192d ago

I prefer getting the whole game at once. I am just not a fan of episodic structure

WitcheRivia192d ago

Hitman 2 is just a standalone DLC expansion for the 1st game. It really would've been no different than the developers releasing more episodic DLC for the first game. The only thing that has changed is the marketing.

Sgt_Slaughter192d ago (Edited 192d ago )

No, just no. Stop.

We DON'T need more bad business practices like Episodic releases. That's just awful thinking.

Hitman was great because the game itself was great. The Episodic release part turned away many players until Complete Editions came out (myself included)