Xbox Evolved Fallout 3 Review

Xbox Evolved writes: "There is plenty to do in the amazingly well crafted Fallout 3. If you weren't a fan of Oblivion because of the settings, then there should be something for you in here. The world is vast and begs to be explored, the combat will be pleasing to RPG and first-person fans alike, and the entire thing is wrapped up nicely in an incredibly engrossing story. Aside from some minor bugs in the game, this is an incredibly worthwhile experience worth every penny and will be expanded upon in the future with more content and achievements thanks to exclusive downloadable content coming from Bethesda Softworks in the coming months."

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D3adcell3647d ago

Very nice detailed review. Thanks.

Jayfatyboombaty3647d ago

Just do not complete the game and have only that save, make another save to do side quest.

JasonXE3647d ago

I wonder how the ps3 version compares to the xbox version?