Jade Raymond - Fun & Serious 2018 Interview

Gamereactor talked to the Pioneer Award recipient Jade Raymond in Bilbao. Having left EA Motive behind Raymond shares some hints about her current top-secret project, looks at current game design, and looks back at games such as Assassin's Creed, Splinter Cell, and Star Wars.

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Strafe41d ago

I think she's an expert in talking bollocks, but using buzzwords to disguise the fact she's talking bollocks. 15 minutes of talking, but nothing was learnt this day.

PapaBop40d ago

Well she had to learn something from her time working at EA.

-Foxtrot40d ago

She looks...different, I can't put my finger on it.

Nodoze40d ago

Yes. She has had some work done or something. Still very cute, and beautiful smile. I will always credit her with helping to bring the first Assassins Creed to life. Real world settings, with engaging play (for the time). Loved seeing that setting, but could not go back to play it now due to RDR 2 and the INSANE levels of interaction and detail. RDR 2 has ruined it for is just so amazingly detailed and rich.

TedCruzsTaint40d ago

Not really as attractive as she was a decade ago, when 17 year old me took a liking to her.

SierraGuy40d ago

That's what kids do to you.

Tankbusta4040d ago

Seems like the new Cliffy B