Fallout 3 Review - "Depravity, violence, and humour" - Gameplayer

Quote from article:" Depravity, violence, and humour. If having all these mature themes present in a videogame is wrong – then we don't want to be right..."

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TheColbertinator4269d ago

Great score.I will buy this in the near future

SlappingOysters4269d ago

This Christmas will have the highest average review score of all time. So many great games.

I guess the crapola on the Wii will drag it down though.

TheColbertinator4269d ago

I hope not.PC version of Fallout 3 for me though

SlappingOysters4269d ago

Glad to see he finished it first. I reckon a lot of site's don't do that.

I was expecting a bit longer to be honest, but I guess once you have gone through all the side-quests...

SlappingOysters4269d ago

My heart says play this on PC and stay true... but after playing Far Cry 2 on X360 and digging it, I may have to go console again!

FailStation34269d ago

360 definitely wins. hands down. PC is pointless nowadays, and ps3 is just garbage, lol. u figure out the rest. hehe.