Fallout 76's New Ultrawide Mode Comes Under Fire From Players

Fallout 76 players are unhappy with the game's new ultrawide mode, which doesn't seem to offer true 21:9 support.

RpgSama1987d ago

There is no shame with bethesda, their 21:9 official patch after one month is just a stretched 16:9 that modders already did like day one by changing ONE line of code.

And let's be very clear, they just stretched the image, the UI looks stretched because they didn't update any of it.

Valiar1987d ago

Wow, what should be expect now for ES6!

porkChop1987d ago

The game itself apparently renders correctly in 21:9, it's just the UI that doesn't. It's still a big problem though, and a clear sign of laziness. 21:9 support should be there on day one.

It's becoming increasingly clear that Fallout 76 is essentially an early access title, which wouldn't be as big an issue if Bethesda was honest about it from the start.

Phoenix761987d ago

It's not even an early access title at this point. It's a pre alpha at best!
Hopefully Bethesda will actually consider using or developing a new engine from scratch for their next titles, but at this point I don't believe that they will.

porkChop1987d ago

That would be ideal. Clearly the Creation Engine can't support modern games. I mean it used Gamebryo as a base, which was a bad foundation to use. They either need to build a new engine from scratch, or license a suitable engine.

Magic_Spatula1987d ago

What's funny is that there's an unofficial patch that scales the UI correctly for 21:9. There's also an unofficial patch that does the same for Skyrim and Fallout 4. So it can be done in the Creation Engine. Bethesda's just too damn lazy to figure out how to do it.

RpgSama1987d ago

They are the ones that keep messing up. They don't even try to get themselves out of this hole

raWfodog1987d ago

At this point, Bethesda should really consider approaching some of these modders and offer to pay them to improve and patch their games. They do a much better job than the actual devs.

TheColbertinator1987d ago

Instead of Bethesda paying modders to help them out, they are telling us to pay for modders' work through Creation Club.

Bethesda is officially going backwards into a ditch

DrumBeat1986d ago

All physical copies of this garbage belong in a literal fire. Basically anyone who supports this game should be chemically castrated.


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Shane Kim3d ago

I have an advice. Go outside more.

OtterX3d ago

You wouldn't say that if you lived in a fallout shelter! ;P

Fonsecap3d ago

Save your time and play something else...


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