Why is Skyward Sword so Disliked?

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "When it was released back in 2011, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword was met with critical acclaim with many publications lavishing it with perfect scores and fans quickly rushing to call it their favorite in the series and at the time it really did feel like Nintendo had managed to not only give the Wii the perfect sendoff but deliver a Zelda game that met and even surpassed all expectations. However it didn’t long for this honeymoon to come to an end..."

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Yi-Long99d ago

Wii's motion controls getting shoved down your throat, and instead of improving the experience, it actually detracted from it...

pasta_spice98d ago

Not to mention the game constantly giving you tutorials for EVERYTHING, which made it feel like the game thought I was an idiot. Which is a shame because I enjoyed the story. But I got sick of the game constantly pushing me in the right direction, instead of just letting me figure things out for myself and letting me feel accomplished.

nommers98d ago

Every time you pick up an item, even if you already had one of them before, the game makes it out to be like it’s the first time you got it telling you about it. This happens every time you boot the game up at least. It resets the item “amazement” reaction for Link. Every other time you get the same item it stops on a boot up of the game, but it’s still insanely annoying.

Pennywise13898d ago

I’m a huge Zelda lover but right from the first reveal something felt underwhelming.
My gripes:
Wonky motion controls that didn’t work well no matter how many people try to defend them.

Not a fan of the art style. Also by the release of skyward sword I had gone all in on HD games and it looked like garbage comparatively to what I was playing on PS3

Only 3 main areas that you just keep repeating. It went against the thing I love the most about Zelda games since the original. I want to explore new areas not repeat the same few.

Lastly a minor gripe is that Link had always been left handed until that point. He wasn’t left handed in BOTW either so now he may never go back.

It’s not that it’s a bad game but with the bar for Zelda always so high it was definitely disappointing

CobraKai98d ago

My main issue was with the 3 same areas. Once I felt I was moving on, I ended up circling back to the same places. Plus, those areas were barren and lifeless

SirenAries98d ago

It's a great game there's nothing actually really wrong with it. I'd rather play this than the majoras mask any day

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The story is too old to be commented.