Battlefield V is currently almost half off

EA just released their latest entry in the Battlefield franchise, Battlefield V, last month. Set during World War II and packed with 64-player multiplayer, this may be the most intense Battlefield game yet. Right now, it’s almost half off.

Unfortunately, Battlefield V is also a game that critics and players alike have complained suffers from bugs, which probably explains the deeply discounted price. It is currently averaging a 72 out of 100 on review aggregator Metacritic.

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UltraNova856d ago

I had my fill with WW battlefield games. I'll wait for BF6's modern setting.

Channel-Live855d ago

I like it but you're right. If they dont make a vietnam one at least give us a modern one

knickstr855d ago

Yeah, unless they go historically accurate and let you take place in some of the biggest moments of the war then I'd rather play in modern times. Just dont like the campaigns where you only know that you're fighting in WW2 setting, but you may not even be told what battle you're fighting in or some of them are even made up.

JEECE855d ago

Lol BF1 gave you your "fill" of WW battlefield games (two different eras) but BF:BC, BF:BC2, BF3, and BF4 didn't give you your "fill" of a modern setting?

UltraNova854d ago

I've put in more than 1000 hrs in BF1. Yes I had my fill with ancient (WW era) weapons, vehicles, combat and scenery what's your problem?

jelloaceomega855d ago

Bad company or 2142 sequel please

JEECE854d ago

Just wondering how one game can make you tired of two different eras 30ish years apart while 4 games set in a single era don't burn you out on that time period. Doesn't make much sense. Unless you are advocating for an alternating cycle between historical and modern, which in that case, fair enough.

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ApexWolf22855d ago

You must have missed it when it was 50% off about a week prior...

spicelicka855d ago

I believe that was if you owned BF1/BF4 and it wasn't the standard edition.

Servbot41855d ago

It's been 50% off almost every week at various retailers since Black Friday. EA gettin desperate.

teo72855d ago

Rumours have it that the next battlefield game will be a remaster of Bad Company 2. I 4 one would buy that Day one. Absolutely love that game.

UltraNova855d ago

First I've heard of this. Link?

EazyC855d ago (Edited 855d ago )

At this point they seem impotent when it comes to new ideas, so this is probably the best possible outcome.

A new developer, with a new ethos, inspired by Bad Company 2 would be the only way of really getting a great new modern FPS into gaming. I don't know if it's EA's meddling, or DICE's own methods, but they are damaged beyond repair.

TKCMuzzer855d ago

That would be great but like most Battlefield games it will suffer from the same issue.....people who don't know what their doing, its almost like modern games have made team work an alien word because so many players can't play Battlefield properly.
Now, how do we solve this particular issue...

Jls1855d ago

Still not worth it. Mabye by March 2019 when Firestorm and Co op comes.

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The story is too old to be commented.